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Ghostly Fun in Waldo

Amber Stidam, Ohio, USA
April 1997

It was Feb of 1988 and my family decided to move to Waldo, Ohio. We choose a house that we thought would be perfect. A chance at a new life. My sister and I chose our rooms. Mine was right across from my parents and also the biggest. As we were moving in the other family was moving out. They seemed upset but we didn't think anything of it. We should have!

A few months after we moved in things started disappearing or being put in the wrong places. My mom started blaming me and my sister. But it wasn't us. I started getting sick and nobody could figure out why. I started feeling like someone was watching me. Soon things got stranger. I remember nights, laying in my bed and seeing clothes fly around in my room. I remember seeing a strange man stand over me. Talking to me. I would tell my mom and she would say it was a nightmare, but I knew it wasn't. Then I started getting unexplainable marks on my body. A year later these things continued to happen, but only to me. Later we found out the reason the other family decided to leave. They knew. They felt it too. We decided to find out who was with us. The story we heard fit perfectly.

Not to long before we moved in a man had shot himself in my parents room. If you looked hard enough at the walls you could see the blood. After I found out I started to talk to the man and he stopped scaring me. We all learned to live together. He was like a guardian from that day on. Now I trust the ghosts and spirits around me. I try to help them and they help me.

Amber Stidam, Ohio, USA
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