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Ghostly Girl With No Eyes

Laken Bufton, Perth, Austrlia
May 2011

When I was thirteen I had encountered my first ghost as a teen this scared me and opened my eyes to the spiritual world, I can now say that I am a true believer.

My brother Josh had to be taken to school by bus, the bus was going to be parked at the other end of the alley way next to me house. I started walking down when I looked up at the sky, the clouds were covering the sun and the clouds were a deep grey, I thought that it was unusual for a hot summer. Anyway we reached the other end of the alley way and sat on the curb waiting for the bus, I felt like someone was watching me so I looked around but no one was in sight besides me and my brother.

It felt creepy to be there even if I was with my brother, ten minutes later the big orange bus came and I watched as Josh got on the bus heading for school. I waved to him as him and the bus drove away around the corner of the cul-de-sac and disappeared, I then went to turn around but something caught my eye.

I stopped and looked towards the driveway of the units and there was a little girl about the age of seven standing there. She had long black hair, about chest length, her skin was pale, she was wearing a shin length white laced nightgown it was ripped at the bottom and on the sleeves.

What scared me the most was that she had no eyes it was just two black holes where her eyes should have been and her mouth was stitched up, she looked like any ordinary seven year old girl but i knew in the back of my mind she wasn't real. I didn't move for some time I just stood there staring, then she took a step forward with such a fluid move and I started running back down the alley way, I stopped, turned and there she was standing at the other end with her head tilted on the side watching me.

I ran home screaming and tears streaming down my face, mum asked me what was wrong and I told her what I had seen.

To this day she haunts my mind and number of questions like...who was she? Why didn't she appear until the bus left? Why did she only appear that one day? And why me?

Laken Bufton, Perth, Austrlia
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