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Ghostly Happenings In My House

Lizzie, NY, USA
July 2004

Recently, my family and I have moved to a new house about 15 minutes away from my old house. I must say, I am quite thankful we moved for our old house brought several creepy moments. (Each paragraph is a different time)

My grandmother and grandfather sadly passed away a few years before. On top of our television we kept a glass frame with their picture inside. Living with 3 crazy and hyper daughters/siblings causes things to fall and break. Well, the TV case gets bumped around quite a bit and the picture constantly fell. However, it never broke even when it was thrashed onto the ground, the delicate glass never even got a scratch.

My older sister we'll call her "Linda" had awoken one night to hear weird mumbling voices. She frighteningly explained the voices she heard. She says there were several of them both high and low voices mumbling words she couldn't make out. "Linda" refused to believe she was hearing voices of things from the other world, like it was just a dream. But I thought differently.

One night, about September I was lying in my bed trying to fall asleep. All of a sudden I felt my blanket sort of slip off my leg and a cool air blew onto it. It was fall, so I didn't have any windows open etc and I must say I was quite frightened.

My best friend (We'll call her "Abby") was sleeping over one summer night. She's not the type to believe in ghosts, she doesn't like to talk about them and basically, she gets pretty freaked out whenever I say something about them. "Abby" is also very honest and always tells the truth.

Well she was sleeping over and we had spent the entire day together outside so we were pretty wiped out and fell asleep early. The next morning (Completely terrified) she explained to me this story: She had woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When she came back she heard a girl/woman's voice talking in the corner words she couldn't make out. The television wasn't on and we were the only ones down there. CREEPY!

Along with those experiences we heard footsteps almost every night going up the stairs. I remember how scared I was one night when I had woken up and tried falling back to sleep when I heard creeks in the floor. My old floorboards in that room squeaked only when walked on and I heard one creek. It sounded like it was by the door. Next, I heard one by my dresser (Which is right by the door) then I heard it in the center of the floor until it stopped right by my bed! It sounded as if someone was walking towards me!

Lizzie, NY, USA
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