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Ghostly Hide And Seek

James Lee, NY, USA
January 2003

One day, 6 years ago, my friends and I were hanging out outside of a tall apartment building in the middle of Chinatown, New York. This building is notorious for having a history of suicides as it is easily the tallest building in Chinatown, and as such is the subject of countless haunting rumors. Being the skeptical rebels that all teenagers are at this age, we laughed these rumors off as stories meant to scare children.

We were waiting on our friend, Ernie, who was doing his laundry in the laundry room upstairs. After about 15 minutes he comes running out of the doors pale and short of breath.

We asked him "what the heck is up with you"? Panting and wild in the eyes, he told us, "Man, I was just washing my clothes when I felt a breeze through the room." We laughed at this and said, "You wuss." He glares at us and says, "That ain't what scared me. There was no one in the room and I swear I heard a little girl's voice whisper "nyeh nyeh-nyeh nyeh-nyeh nyeh" (a child's taunt).

We conferred about this as Ernie isn't one to lie about things like these. We all decided to go with him to check out the laundry room. There were about 5 of us so we didn't worry about anything that might happen.

The second we stepped off the elevator, everyone already felt a bit eerie and uncomfortable. So we made our way slowly to the laundry room, peered inside and didn't see anything. Being the adventurous (stupid) kids we were, we decided to stay there with him until he finished washing his clothes.

10 minutes went by and nothing happened! We all thought Ernie was going nuts at this point but we just shut up and left after he was done getting his clothes. The elevators were slow that day so we decided to go down the stairs.

We decided to stop and take a cigarette break in the staircase. As we began to light them, a breeze started. Thinking nothing of it we continued to light our smokes. When the first cigarette was fully lit, the breeze intensified, and rushed past all of us. It was like gust of wind suddenly shot through us all then as quickly as it came, it was gone, quicker than a snap of a finger. As the wind went past I felt a "touch" of some sort like almost a tugging on my pants.

I asked if anyone touched me and they all said no. When we looked around, and we hadn't heard any doors opening or closing. (we were on the fourth floor) All the doors were closed tightly and no wind could possibly get in. We looked at each other and ran SCREAMING from the building!

I wasn't scared after the initial shock wore off, I began wondering who that little girl could have been. I've heard countless stories from friends and relatives who live in the building but nothing more than rumors.

James Lee, NY, USA
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