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Ghostly Outline

Sarah, New South Wales, Australia
March 1999

Before anyone reads my story I'd like to point out that no matter how unrealistic or "made up" this story sounds, it is completely true and not exaggerated.

On Saturday the 7th of November last year my friend Jo ( short for Josephine) and I were home alone at my house during the afternoon. My parents hadn't been gone long when we logged onto the Internet only to be refused connection because our line was being used. As I said no one else was home and both of us were sitting at the computer, we checked to see if any of the phones were off the hook, and none were. As I tried to log on again we heard a voice as it was dialing up. We couldn't really make out what the person was saying but someone was obviously using our phone! Trying once more to log on we again heard a mumbling voice that sounded like it belonged to a woman.

Jo and I decided that one of us should stay at the computer and the other should go check the phones. I stayed and Jo went and when she came back she said that the phones were not being used. We ran out of my room and down the stairs, Jo being already standing managed to get downstairs faster than me. Slower footsteps were coming down the stairs behind us and when we realized it wasn't me that was making them. We suddenly decided that it was time to make that horror movie scream. Which made the footsteps pause. When I reached the bottom ( we have a very long set of stairs) the footsteps started again only this time they seemed to be going back to the top. We stood there stunned as a white outline of a person, you couldn't tell which sex, formed on the top step. But in the instant it came it also left.

I'm pretty sure that the "outline" has something to do with the tied up phone line. I tried to do some research on the history of the house but the previous owner and builder of the house ignores me even if I'm standing there near him.

"Things" still seem to happen in my house especially in my room. All my friends and even my mum feel uneasy in there. You can just sense a bad vibe or something. Even though the incident didn't take place in my room, spooky things happen there. Valuable stuff disappears and reappears exactly 6 months after I notice it's missing in the exact place I left it in the first place. I can hear loud and heavy footsteps every night since it happened, and sometimes I here crashing noises that are really loud but even though my dad has been awake on both occasions he doesn't hear them.

I haven't tried using an Ouija board or exorcism because I'm too afraid to try, but whatever is here won't leave and the previous owners still won't give me any answers.

Sarah, New South Wales, Australia
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