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Ghostly Prisoner

Wesley Smith, London
June 2002

I work as a security guard at one of the maximum security prisons in the UK. This prison has been used since the early 1940's. This prison has seen some of the most dangerous criminals in the UK. Many people have spent time here and many people have died here as well, either by suicide or been killed in a fight.

I have been working at the prison since 1994 and I have witnessed many strange events. Sometimes after 'lights out', the lights would come on by themselves, cell doors would become unlocked and open by themselves as well. Many of the inmates say that in 1952 there was an inmate called 'Buffalo Billy' who was in prison for life and that he killed 10 inmates, while doing his time. Some inmates say that it is the ghosts of the victims that still haunt the cells and halls of the prison.

When we take our coffee/lunch breaks in the staff room, often things will move around by themselves, things will go missing-only to turn up a couple of days later in completely different places. We have never seen a ghost, but we have often felt a presence or cold spots.

These ghosts don't bother us or the inmates, although these stories are used to scare the new inmates and it usually works. I believe these ghosts will go on haunting the prison because, although it is sad, to many of them, it was considered to be their home.

Thank you for reading this story.

Wesley Smith, London
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