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Ghostly Runner

Julie Walker, Kent, UK
January 2004

This did not happen to me, it actually happened to my brother in December 2003 and he is not a believer in things like this, so for him to have admitted that something strange was going on is a big thing!

My brother lives in a no through road and his house is the last one therefore, you can not go any further. Right opposite his house there is an alley which runs along side an overgrown / unused field. Years ago when he was a schoolboy the field was well kept and he played for a local football team that used to use this field for their games, it also used to have a club house which no longer stands although the foundations are still there.

As you can imagine the local kids tend to use this field so the fence surrounding it can be got through very easily and people walk their dogs over there as well but you must bear in mind that in the middle of this field the grass is very long and the ground is uneven so people tend to walk round the edge (this is important)!!

So every morning he leaves home and normally walks down the alley which runs along side the field and then he follows the roads round to the train station to get his train to work in London.

This particular morning he was running late so he decided he would take a short cut across the field to save some time. As he walks to the station on his own he always uses his personal stereo and this morning was no different.

So picture the scene:-

It's a cold morning and there had been a heavy frost the night before. He has his walkman on and enters the field. As he starts to walk round the edge he notices a man running through the middle of the field, away from him, there was no-one else on the field. The reason he noticed the mans was that he was running really quite fast. At first my brother didn't pay anymore attention to him but he thought something wasn't quite right. He then realised what that was!

The man was not moving in the way a runner should (i.e. picture the arms and legs) he was just gliding and anyhow, you can not run through the middle of the field because the ground is very uneven and the grass is too long.

He then turned off his walkman to listen and realised that you could not hear the footsteps of the man (which you should have done because the ground was hard and crunchie because of the heavy frost)he also realised that you could not hear anything else either, no birds no nothing!

As he was a bit shocked he stopped to watch the runner and as the man got to the edge of the field (and the gap that my brother needed to get through) he said he just disappeared!!

Needless to say my brother left the field and walked the long way round to the train station.

This was the first time anything strange had happened to him on the field and nothing has happened since!

Julie Walker, Kent, UK
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