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Ghostly Steps

Glenda Kemmitz, Montana, USA
October 1999

We saw an empty house in Florence, Oregon, and since we were camped out with three children in a tent at a KOA campground, I thought I would check into it. The real estate that managed the property said it was unavailable. That night I made the remark to my husband, I want that house! Two days later the gentleman from the real estate I had spoken to came to see us. He looked at me and said,"little lady, do you still want that house?" I said "oh yes sir!" He said you got it. Maybe I can get some sleep tonight. I guess I looked at him a little funny, cause he said..I told my wife this morning every night I see your face before me, and when I get up there you are again. Please move in today. Happily we did!

After about three weeks I heard a noise upstairs that sounded like someone walking around. I knew the children were asleep, so I sent my husband up to check it out. Nothing. Then we would wake up to kitchen lights on and the door open, which I always locked. I blamed the children and told them to cut out the lights if they got up in the middle of the night. They assured me it wasn't them. But they too had begun hearing the nightly footsteps and we all discussed it. No one felt afraid or in any danger so we dismissed it.

One night while everyone was asleep, brave soul that I am, I began concentrating on what I was hearing and tried to communicate with what ever or whoever was walking around.

I heard the footsteps taking the stairs one at a time and me heart began to beat rapidly. Just before he reached the bottom I felt the hair on my arms and the back of my neck raise up and immediately regretted my rashness, and began praying. The walking ceased. But not before I saw in my minds eye a gentleman in blue jeans and a tee shirt with the sleeves cut out.

A couple days later I was in the little store across the street from us and asked the proprietor who by now was our friend, if he knew anything about the house we lived in. They looked a little strange and said..we thought you knew..and we replied "know what?" And here is the story she related to us.

The occupants before us were a young couple who were having troubles. She decided to take their young child and return to California. He was very despondent and began drinking heavily. One day he was out riding his motorcycle with his little dog with him and had a fatal crash into a huge log truck. Those that witnessed it said it appeared it was deliberate.We then knew the strange events that had been occurring nightly was this gentleman, but we never found out what he wanted from us. We learned later this had happened just a few weeks before we moved in, and that was why the real estate agent was hesitant about renting the house out as some of their belongings were still in the house.

Shortly after that we moved back to Texas and that was back around 1989, but I haven't forgotten anything, and often wonder if he is still walking around and turning on lights and opening doors for whoever is living there now.

Glenda Kemmitz, Montana, USA
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