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Ghostly Visit at 3AM

Chris Lopez, AZ, USA
September 2007

Well, this all happened at my house in my room while my friend and I were going to have a sleep over on July 14, 2007.

The day started out real good, my friend and I were in my room kicking back just listening to music and watching movies. My mom had gotten up and told us not to stay up too late, well not listening to my mother we stayed up til about 2 a.M. Finally, we got tired and turned everything off but the light so we could get situated on our bunk bed. My friend Angel, who is a girl, got the top bunk while I slept on my usual bottom bunk. A little while later my dog who stays in my room with me, started to bark and acted really strange, he kept barking and running back and forth barking at the ceiling, but mostly towards the TV My mom came in and took my dog with her so we could get some sleep. After my dog left, we started to smell this really awful smell like rotten eggs, and something dead, we couldn't figure out where or why, the smell was coming from. So, I sprayed some air freshener which didn't seem to help at all. We stayed up a little longer to talk about what could be going on when everything in my room seemed to pop all at once. Still not thinking anything scary, we decided to go back to sleep. Then something happened that scared the living hell out of us. She woke me up screaming and crying that there was a black figure standing in front of my bed facing her. I didn't believe what she was saying until I glanced over where she said it was standing, and sure enough as plain as day I saw it too. It seemed to have a man's body but was pitch black, like a shadow. I then reached for the light, and turning it on it disappeared but the room was so cold, and the smell had gone away too. I then glanced up at the clock and noticed it was exactly 3 a.m. and I have heard with that, that this time is the bewitching hour, where the devil is mocking the time Christ died on the cross, and where evil has it's chance to walk the earth.

Just two days after this happened, my mom and her husband were the only ones home when, she saw her husband go into my room, but when she went in there to see what he was doing, nobody was in the room, she said she thought maybe he was trying to scare her so she opened the closet door and the bad smell came out again. My mom said she felt really cold, and felt the hairs on the back of her neck sticking straight up. My mom is very religious and knew from that moment that there was a presence in our house. So, right after she began looking up history on our house and found out that 10 years ago in this house a man had shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself, after finding this out we asked the landlord if it was true, and he said yes, that it happened in the room where I saw the shadow man. He said he didn't tell us because he doesn't believe any of the stories that the renters were telling.

So, why and what does he the spirit want from us? We are planning to move really soon.

Chris Lopez, AZ, USA
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