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Ghostly Whispers

Jamie, NJ, USA
December 2005

As a very little girl, I was far from one of those perfect girls. I was overly intelligent for some odd reason. I just knew certain things. I never rubbed it in anyone's face, of course, but people thought me weird. It was like some unseen force was always whispering things to me. I can clearly remember an experience that scared me.

I was trying to jump rope during recess time. Needless to say, I had failed at my attempts and a bunch of the girls were laughing at me. Turning away, I know I heard a male voice whisper "Use the Punjab lasso." Now I'm sure no other children would say anything, after all, I was in kindergarten and we had recess a different time than any other of the classes.

After a few years, I read a certain book and found out that the Punjab lasso was a choice murder weapon for a popular literary character, which was a rope. And it could have been made from a jump rope, if need be.

That wasn't the first time I've had something strange whispered to me. On sight, I have been able to say the names of ships by just looking at simple pictures or models, remembering a little whisper told me. I even remember hearing singing in the whispers occasionally. Almost all of the songs were simple nursery rhyme songs. Yet no one was ever around. My father always worked and my mother was busy with the upkeep of our tiny house.

Besides the whispers, I would always see shadows darting across the hallway. Most were in the form of cats (We had many cats that have passed away and used to love hanging out in the hallway) but one was shaped like a man in old fashioned clothing who always stood in the doorway of my room. He didn't feel threatening, he just frightened me occasionally. At one point, I asked him to leave and I didn't see him for three years.

I started to hate going down my hallway at night because it was so dark and creepy. And one night during the summer, I had made it to my room, which was also dark, and I felt choked until I turned on the light and thought of the man.

He came back and there was never a problem after that besides that my electronics would go a little whacky when I disobeyed my parents.

Now, my house is being rebuilt and a second floor has been added. I feel I've seen the last of the man and heard the last of those whispers. And in a way, I will probably miss them.

Jamie, NJ, USA
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