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Ghosts At Grandma's

Lacey Poynor, OK, USA
August 2005

I am of Indian background, and I am told that I have what is called a "second sight", meaning I have the ability to see or sense what others can't.

I've seen some strange things in my time, and I suppose I could share a few of them here.

A few years back, some family members of mine moved into a two-story house. (This was back in '96-97) I remember staying there one weekend. My grandma told me that a man had died in the kitchen and she told me that it was haunted (I never learned his name). I didn't really believe her but I always got sense of nervousness whenever I was alone down there.

I slept downstairs in the summer because it tended to be cooler. One night I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I figured it was just my cousin or one of my aunts coming down the stairs and ignored it. All of a sudden I felt cold as the temperature suddenly seemed to drop. I pulled the blanket up over me and I felt someone pull back. I sat up to see who or what it was, but there was nothing there.

Another time I was alone downstairs, I saw the curtain move on it's own. It had been partially open and it just seemed to close on it's own. It startled me a bit. This happened shortly after my grandmother passed away and I'm not sure if it was her or the ghost of the man that dwelled there.

Another thing that happened to me occured in broad daylight. I believe it was around 10 AM on a Saturday when this occurred. I had just woken up and it felt like someone was sitting on the bed because the bed seemed to sag under some invisible weight. My eyes widened in surprise. I believe this was the spirit of my grandmother, since it had been her room. Another couple of stories are worth noting. Although they didn't happen to me, they did happen to my aunt, who works in an assisted living center with Alzheimers patients. She tells me that sometimes the spirits of dead residents come back. Lights turn off and on, objects disappear and reappear in odd places, and she hears footsteps going down the halls. She said that a couple of women heard a woman named Dorothy laugh down the hallway after Dorothy had passed away. Also, it is said that the ghosts of two little girls haunt the place, although she's never seen them, others have.

Another story happened when my family first moved into their two-story house. It was kind of funny and was told to me fairly recently. This was a story I had never heard before.

My aunt and her son (my cousin) were spending the night there when the plumbing went haywire. The toilet was flushing on it's own. My cousin Donnie challenged the ghost and the ghost, in retaliation, flooded the (brand new) carpet with water. My cousin didn't move from his chair for the rest of the night.

Lacey Poynor, OK, USA
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