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Ghosts at the Church

Anya, Illinois, USA
March 2000

Iam writing this because I need to tell someone who might believe me.

I have always seen ghosts. well not seen them but you know what I mean. Once a cup was moved when I wasn't looking and was home alone.

My story starts when I was at my church and me and a few friends where waiting for the woman who was going to drive us home to finish working. We all got bored really fast so my friend Ali thought we should play a game to kill the time. Of course we all thought it was a good idea, and she said she wanted to pick the game and because she has alot of good games we all said yes. She said that we should go in a room and turn off all the lights and find each other if we can. It was fun until it was my turn to find everyone. I turned off the lights and counted to 15. When I opened my eyes I thought I saw something move. So I went over to see who it was. It looked like my friend Ali but she had lighter skin and was wearing a dress from the 1890's. When I reached out to feel her and see if it was my friend the girl just went away. I started screaming for someone to turn on the lights but they thought I was trying to get them out so I could get them so I ran over to the light and turned it on and looked at where everyone was. Ali was on the other side of the room and said that she hadn't moved at all. When I told them what happened no one believed me. I think it was because the church is across from a big cemetery. Well I hope someone believes me.

Anya, Illinois, USA
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