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Ghosts From Previous Owners

Jasmine, IL, USA
September 2002

My story might not be as scary as all the other ones, but it is very true.

My brother, my parents and I moved into our house when I was 7. The house had just been built. But only a few days after we moved in, strange things began to happen.

My brother, my dad and I were standing the in the kitchen when we heard my mom scream out in pain. We rushed in to see what happend. The light that was hanging low in the office has hit my mom in the face and she had a black eye. We later examined the light to find there was no way she could've ran into the light because the light was in the middle of the room and she got hit when standing in the entrance.

A few days later on Fathers Day my grandma was staying at our house to wait for the phone guy to come while my family was at church. There were boxes laying around everywhere since we had just moved in. My grandma was walking past the bathroom when she felt someone push her, all of a sudden she was on the ground and we found her laying there with broken hip.

Also, my dog would sometimes look upstairs as if she had seen something when no one was up stairs.

Six years past and nothing had happened. But now the dog toys are moved and when the does are outside, I feel like my dog is standing by me to pet her. And sometimes I hear a dog breathing by me when nothing is there.

My mom told me that there was an old woman who used to live at my house. The house got old and began to fall apart. The roof would cave in but she would still live in the house. Finally the district seized the house and she had to move. They tore down the house and rebuilt it. I think the old woman died and came back to the house and was mad that we were living in it.

Then, the owners before us had a really mean dog that died in this house and I think its spirit remains here playing with my dogs.

Thank you for reading!

Jasmine, IL, USA
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