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Ghosts In The Apartment Complex

November 2006

In 1991 we moved to a 3 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA. My sister and I were very excited as we no longer had to share a room. She (being the oldest) picked her room and I was stuck with the other one. I didn't mind though? it had a walk-in closet so I was happy.

At the beginning we started to hear footsteps throughout the night, we'd hear doors open or close but we'd always be too scared to get up and check. One day my sister was taking a nap and got up furious at me, yelling "You play too much and need to stop!" I was confused and asked her what her problem was. She then said I had snuck into her room and kept moving her bed side to side and pulled the covers off the bed. I swore to her it wasn't me, but she figured I was just lying. We all thought she had some kind of nightmare and left it at that.

A few months later, my mom went into my sister's room and said there was a strong smell of "Tequila" as you entered the room, we all went to check out the smell and it was as though someone had spilled a bottle of "Tequila" on the carpet but a few minutes later the smell was gone. We all teased my sister and said she was probably getting drunk in her room; she however never found that kind of stuff funny. She always claimed to see shadows and stuff move around but we were very skeptical of everything she said. But that was about to change?

My little brother (at the time he was about 5 yrs. old) had gone into my closet to get a movie, he came out running and crying hysterically. I thought he had fallen and hit himself with something. When he calmed down we asked what had happened and he said that a man had said "Come here" we all looked at each other but didn't say much.

That same day my sister and I were in my room talking about other stuff, I was sitting at the edge of my bed and my sister was sitting by the closet door? I was talking and froze as the closet door was slowly being open. My sister then got up and ran out of there, I quickly followed.

A couple of days later I was asleep and for one reason or another woke up. When I looked at the mirror I could clearly see an old women sitting at the edge of my bed holding a small orange thing in her hands. I froze completely, I wanted to scream, get up and tell someone but I couldn't. The next morning I was the first one up and told everyone what had happened. My mom then confessed that while she was asleep she too had felt a presence in her room; she said it was hard to breath and she couldn't move. My dad said it was our imagination that was getting carried away. The same day he said that he heard a women moan and cry as if she was in severe pain right outside their bedroom window, he quickly got up and went outside to investigate? he came back with a confused look in his face and said there was no one there.

A lot of strange things happened in that apartment and we're not the only ones to experience such things. Our neighbors have started to see a small boy run from one room to another and then disappear. My sister saw a man in a flannel shirt behind her as she was looking at the mirror, when she turned around there was no one there. I was skeptical about this kind of thing but after seeing an old lady at the edge of my bed, I believe that there is indeed something or someone in that apartment complex.

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