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Ghosts In The Bedroom

December 2006

Some people probably won't believe this story - even my family and friends don't believe it, but all I can say is that my mum and I know what we saw. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether I'm telling the truth.

I was about ten years old when we first moved into our house. It was small, since only my mum and I were going to be living there, but we both loved the house and couldn't wait to move in - especially me, since my new bedroom was huge!
Before we moved in, we were told that someone had died in my bedroom, but we didn't really give it much thought. I was too young to really care and my mum had never taken things like that seriously, so we went ahead and bought the house.
For the first few years, everything was fine. Then, when I was about fourteen, I woke up one morning and saw that my mum had left her bedroom light on all night. I was surprised at that, because she always slept with the light off, and asked her why. She told me that she had woken up in the middle of the night with a creepy feeling of being watched. When she opened her eyes, she saw a man standing at the end of her bed. She could describe him perfectly; he was tall, wearing a blue shirt, with dark hair and a moustache. She said that he was standing sideways at the end of her bed and when she saw him, he slowly turned his head and gave her the most evil smile she had ever seen. My mum was so freaked out that she shut her eyes, telling herself she was dreaming, and when she switched on the light he had disappeared. Every night after that she slept with the light on for fear of seeing him again.
A couple of nights after that I had my own strange experience.
I used to keep my glasses in a glasses case which I put in a chest of drawers I had beside my bed. One morning I woke up to find the glasses case not in the drawer, where I had put it the previous night, but in the middle of the floor. I wasn't too bothered about it - after all, sometimes you misplace things and can't remember where you put them - but then I saw that my jewellery box had been turned upside down and the jewellery was in a pile on the top of the chest of drawers - including the jewellery that I had been wearing when I went to sleep that night! When I told people about it, they said I had probably just been sleepwalking and did those things myself, but I was sure that wasn't the case. Only my mum believed me.
Nothing else really happened after that until about a year later.
We were moving house and that night was going to be our last night there. We went to sleep as normal - by this time, my mum was able to sleep with the lights off again. In the middle of the night I woke up to hear my bedroom door swinging back and forth, creaking loud enough to wake the dead. My door had always been squeaky, but never before had it swung back and forth like that by itself. Just passing it off as an annoyance, I tried to go back to sleep, but then I heard footsteps walking up and down the hallway. I ignored it, thinking it was just my mum, but when I opened my eyes, I saw in the mirror opposite my bed a transparent hand holding onto the edge of the door, pushing it back and forth. I was so scared I lay back down and tried to go to sleep. The creaking and the footsteps continued all night, and I didn't get a very good night's sleep to say the least.
The next morning I woke up to find the hall light on. When my mum and I were having breakfast, I asked if she had switched it on. She said that she had and asked me if I had heard the noises last night. I asked her what she had heard, and she told me that she heard someone knocking at the back door, but when she looked out of the window nobody was there. She had also heard my door creaking, and being so scared, had switched on the light. She then said that after she had done that, she saw a shadow passing back and forth through the crack in her bedroom door, as if someone was walking up and down the hallway. I then told her about the footsteps I had heard. We were both incredibly freaked out. Luckily, that was our last night in the house. We still don't know what the ghosts wanted. I think that they had grown used to us living there, and were unhappy to see us going, so they wanted to give us a "send-off" as such.
When we told other people, nobody believed us, dismissing the creaking of my door as the wind blowing. But the window wasn't even open, and even if it was, my door had never once done that before. I told them about the hand I saw but again, everyone thought I was making it up.
To this day, my mum and I still believe we were living in a haunted house.

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