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Ghosts Like To Bug Me!

Miles, BC, Canada
April 2002

Sorry if this is kind of long, I just wrote my experiences day-by-day and it seems that each day something strange happens to me, and the list gets kind of long! I wrote down all my experiences in approximately 16 days writing down any experience immediately after I have one.

Hi! It's the "unknown haunting" kid, and a lot of strange things have happened since we first moved in. The ghostly activity seems to have increased, a lot after 10 spooky years! First of all, the Ceiling lamp in my Mom's bedroom swings back and forth some times and makes a crackling noise or Fades/gets bright when you approach it. For some reason one of my friends laughs himself hoarse when this happens.

A few days ago, around 10:30am my dad complained that the phone was ringing, and no one had answered it. My Dad could not get to the phone as he had just woke up and wasn't ready for anything of the sort. Anyway, dad heard the phone ringing and asked why I hadn't answered it. I said I was asleep. My sister was asleep too at the time, and mom was shopping. Well, dad said that "sure as hell someone was up!" because he had heard noise like talking, stomping and some one storming around the kitchen. No one was ever there. This incident has happened several times over the last few weeks.

Often when I'm in the dining room, I feel like there is a presence looking at me. I never look, it's not worth it. It's not even really that scary compared to some experiences. Chairs still do move around though as if they had a life of their own.

I always see things out of the corner of my eye. Orbs, strange ectoplasm, mist & rather familiar looking anomalies. Once I was in bed and I woke up to being rather cold. This was strange because not one window was open. And then I heard this faint man's voice coming from somewhere in the living room. It was sort of muffled, slightly low, definitely a man's voice. Now the reply from whoever the strange man was talking to was a woman saying words in very muffled voice: "Mmm dinmo ftis rghb therm." Don't ask me what that means!

Sometimes I see a faint lantern glow from my bedroom. It's rather creepy, because it's flame colour & it flickers like a flame too. Once in a while the light will seem move from one spot to another.

What really scares me are apparitions. I haven't seen too many of them, but I have seen a few. I've seen them out of the corner of my eye mostly, and I know that at some point I will see a full one. I remember the time that I saw that completely black human form swoop over the living room so clearly.

Yesterday my friend & I were fooling around with our web cam. We were creating really funny snapshots, but we both noticed something very strange in almost every picture. A strange silvery golden rod of light went right through me in several pictures. At the time I did feel a presence somewhere around me but I was busy with my friend so I ignored it. In other pictures it looked like one of the ghosts was trying very hard to contact me, there were strange silver mists and such around me.

I have a collection of antique tins in my bedroom, and they move around a lot. Some simply get turned around, some fall of the shelves for no reason and some jump across the room. MESSAGE TO GHOST: Those tins cost me a lot you know!

When it comes to noises, I hear talking. Sure, Talking. But don't whispers scare you even more, especially when they're right beside your ear? They do to me. Once I was in bed, reading as usual at about 3:14pm and I heard this disembodied voice whisper something like "That's it! That's it!" I looked behind me. Of course there is never anyone there. But the second time it said "Now what do you think?" I turned around to see this little orb float down the latter of my bunk bed and disappear. It's beyond me why any ghost would want to tell me anything like that!

Ghostly touch is something that is cold, strange and sometimes very real feeling. I had some invisible entity push me off the counter this morning so that whoever it was could do something. I didn't know until I turned around to see the cupboard door open and a small bottle of cloves sitting on the counter. Over and over I will feel an icy breeze and fingers running through my hair.

I often think I hear lots of people talking, music, and glasses clinking around. It seems to come from somewhere in my mother's bedroom or somewhere from the dining room. (The dining room has a lot of ghostly activity in it). When I whip open the door of either room the noise immediately stops and I feel several eyes from ghosts of all ages staring at me as if thinking "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Although I feel this, I do not see anyone. But I do see, hear, and feel other things that the rest of my family can not. My family doesn't even think the house is haunted and my sister will not stop teasing me about it. As for my dad, he thinks it's a whole bunch of crap and that I'm just being paranoid.

It's strange, people think that as you get older you seem to lose your ability to see things that other people can't. But for me it's backwards. When I was little I would get feelings but never see anything. I would just wipe the feeling off and do something else. But as steadily I grew up I would see, feel and hear ghosts, more and more. It was stressful for me at times when I got really scared, but sometimes I felt that some of the ghosts were interested in me.

Just a few days ago our dog & our cat were in the living room and they were acting all jumpy for some odd reason. The cat kept on jumping onto the couch, leaping at something and chasing something "it" into my bedroom. The dog kept on barking at something until later when I noticed a strangely transparent boy, at about 13 years of age. He just disappeared on me and kept teasing the animals until I yelled "WILL YOU STOP IT?!" and then it stopped. It started up again. Sooner or later the cat and the dog ran out of the living room into the dining room. And as soon as they hit the dining room floor they stopped acting skittish. The very second they walked back into the living room they started up again, chasing that stupid thirteen year old boy.

As for one night (actually it was yesterday?), I felt threatened. I was in my bed and I knew something was there, waiting for me to come down the latter. Without a guess I heard creaking like someone was coming up the latter until I just started to scream ? I knew that whatever it was, it was evil and didn't want me there. When I screamed I heard a loud bang a bunch of thumping down the latter like I had startled the ghost and it had fallen off the latter. I didn't sleep all night. I think that the ghost wasn't risking that again, Because it seemed to leave me alone after that.

Just last night I woke up? it was about 3:00am, and I just couldn't go to sleep ? I knew something was in the room with me. I just sort of sat there. I had my eyes fixed staring in every direction, waiting to scare whatever it was before it scared me. So I pretended to go back to sleep. And suddenly I felt a whack on my shoulder and spun around, leapt from the bed, flew down the latter and said "Get out of here!"; When I got back onto the bed I saw a pencil lying on my bed. The ghost threw another pencil while my back was turned, so I just slept with my head under the blankets that night. Whoever it was finally gave up.

The last experience I had was actually a conversation with a ghost. I didn't know who it was it but it sounded like my dad talking as though he had swallowed a bit of helium ? at the time I was sitting on the rocking chair reading. This is how the conversation went:

Ghost: "Miles!"
Me: "What is it?"
Ghost: "Stop telling me to get out"
Me: "Umm? Excuse me? I told you to?"
Ghost: "You told me to get out of the room"
Me: "I did?"
Ghost: "Yes? Just shut up next time"
Me: "I seriously don't know what you're talking about!"
Ghost: "Yes you do"
Me: "No, literally, I don't"
Ghost: "Then why do you sound lkfop thfoblubblffbsog?"
Me: "What?"
Ghost: "You're strange"
Me: "You're the one who is strange! You were talking all weird a second ago"
Ghost: "Me, Talk weird? What you are saying doesn't matter!"
Me: "As if" (Sarcasm)
Ghost: "Don't talblksifpbfnjm dgronff"

I had no idea what the ghost was talking about ? I didn't even know it was a ghost! Well, at the time I didn't? But when the voice said "Don't" and then all that gibberish, that was when the voice suddenly faded away. I looked up from my book and stared. absolutely no one was in the room with me! Dad talks funny when he's joking around but dad was at work, he can't talk like that and Dad only says shut up when he's really mad. All I know is that a person on the Internet had a similar experience with a ghost that said all this gibberish.

Well, there are some of experiences I have had. A numerous amount of things have happened to me throughout the year. I have been amazed and spooked by many of them. Some are just downright hilarious!

Miles, BC, Canada
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