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Ghosts of Carew Castle

IsisArtemis, UK
October 2003

My husband, and I have recently returned home from a weeks' long holiday in Pembrokeshire. Tenby to be exact. On two out of the seven days that we spent there, we visited Carew Castle twice.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit the castle because I can remember watching it on the CASTLE GHOSTS series that was filmed for American telly, and I am a believer in almost everything supernatural. Anyway, I am sitting here with the Carew Castle Self- Guided Trail leaflet in front of me. Almost the first second we walked into room number 14 my husband said that there is a face in the wall, and then he proceeded to point it out to me. It is in a little notch in the wall, and I believe that it is the face of a woman, but my husband thinks that it is the face of a devil-man.

Another couple was in the room at the same time as us, and my husband asked them if they wanted to see the face. They said yes, and came over. The man captured the image on his video recorder. We were all standing around looking at the face, and then suddenly my sons pram started to push forward. But my husband said that he had put the brakes on, and no one was close enough to the pram to push it forward anyway. Then when we got outside we noticed a little circular bruise on my youngest boys cheek. But there was no possible way anything could have hit him, and he couldn't have bumped into anything, so I am wondering was it a ghost?

We then walked into the GREAT UNDERCROFT. I wanted to have a look around the castle upstairs, so my husband said he would wait for me there (because of the prams) But when I came back down, he was waiting for me outside on the grass. He had moved out of the GREAT UNDERCROFT. My husband tells me because he felt uneasy in there, and also that he felt like something was on his chest...Like he was having trouble breathing.

We were talking to one of the ladies that was working behind the gift shop counter. She tells us that in the GREAT UNDERCROFT there is supposed to be the spirit of a Celtic warrior.

It was during our second visit to Carew Castle that we both saw the second face in the stone. We decided to walk down to the mill-pond. It would have to be the South-West tower, that we saw the face of a king. My husband said maybe it is Arthur, but I don't know about that one. He had a Gandalf like beard, and his crown had long, pointy edges to it. One final note...The lady that we were talking to behind the gift shop counter said she thought she could see something in room number 14, but then again other people could not. I think she was a bit psychic herself, and they were doing dowsing down there, and everything. We were told that if anything comes of it, it might be put in the guide book next time.

IsisArtemis, UK
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