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Ghosts of the Blind School

Shauna Haskin, Tennessee, USA
April 1998

My dad did not believe in ghosts until he worked at The Tennessee School of the Blind last year. The stories he told us made believers out of us. The school was built over an old Civil War plantation. An old slave graveyard was relocated to build cottages for the blind students.So a lot of weird things happened there.

During the school year, my dad worked the graveyard shift as a caretaker for the boys' cottage. My dad's ghostly encounters occurred during the summer months when the kids were gone. The school kept my dad on the night shift. One night when he was waxing the floors, he saw a shadowy figure walking down the hall. He followed the figure down the hall and into the gym. When my dad entered the gym, nobody was there. The only people at the school that night was my dad and the night security guard. My dad asked the guard if someone had come in the school that night. The guard said that no one had come in.

A week later, another incident happened. My dad and the security guard heard a strange noise coming from the gym. They went to investigate and found one of the lanes in the bowling alley with a red light on and the pins were knocked down. All of the other lanes were off. My dad checked the switch and it was off. He turned it on and off again. Then he and the guard checked around once more and the light was back on, but the pins were up. So they left it alone and left in a hurry. They didn't go back in the bowling alley that night.

Another week later, he saw some hand prints under the railing in the hall, so he told the janitor to clean it. The next night he saw it again, so he cleaned it himself. That time he noticed that the prints were of a left hand on the glass spread out evenly along the wall, but it was underneath the railing about three feet high from the floor. It was just like a little girl was running across with the left hand. The prints kept coming back, but the kids were out. Later that month, he found out that when the school was just built that a little girl was scalded to death. She turned on the hot water and fell in. The little girl used to stick out her left hand and touch the wall to guide herself around.

Also my dad would find some of the school rooms trashed and chalk marks on the bottom edges of the chalkboards. No one had been in these rooms since the end of the school year. The day crew would clean up the mess and the next night they would be trashed again.

Other people who worked at the school had similar experiences. The security guard himself told my dad about some of the strange experiences he encountered. One lady who worked there saw a little girl playing in the nursery. When she went over to the girl, the child vanished before her eyes.

Shauna Haskin, Tennessee, USA
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