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Ghosts on the Radio!

November 2003

This past spring my city celebrated its five hundredth anniversary. It is a beautiful city with parks, breathtaking forest and a majestic creek. However in the midst of all this beauty the city contains a blood stained history.

A long time ago there was a fight between two tribes that ended with massive blood shed. The casualties were so many they buried their people were they fell, (over a land mass of five to ten miles) leaving them to be in peace and one with creator. In the year 1992 the subdivision I live in was built. In the process of digging the foundations for all these houses bones were unearthed with artifacts that confirmed they were Natives. The findings did not discourage people to move into these houses; to be truthful nothing really occurred until I was about 12 years old.

It all started when I went over to my friend Jean's house in the summer, to hangout and play video games. (First I should give you lay out of her house. When you enter the house to the left, there is a door way that leads into the dinning room; through the dinning room you could see the kitchen. To your right there is a long hallway with big wooden staircase, a study, a powder room and the door that leads to the laundry room. In the laundry room is one of the two entrances to the basement. If you continue down the hall, you will end up in the family room. From the family room you can see the main door to the basement which you can also see from the kitchen. Now that you have an understanding of the first floor, I should tell you about the second floor. When you go up the staircase her parents' bedroom is right in front of the stairs and to the left of the top of the stairs, is her brother's room. To the right of the stairs is her brother's bathroom, and a little ways down the hallway is Jeans bedroom and her Nan's bedroom. ) Jean and I went to the family room to play video games. Jean's Nan told us to keep it down because she was concentrating on her knitting in the dining room, so we kept the T.V down very low.

While we were playing our video game, Jean was telling me about weird things she experienced in her house. She told me how she was reading the book "Oliver Twist " when she heard a little girl laughing from downstairs and then the sound of tiny foots steps skipping up the stairs. Jean ran out into the hall and looked over banister but no one was there. Jean had also seen dark figures out of the corner of her eye and the sound of foots steps in random places in her house when no one was home.

I shrugged off what Jean had told me as her imagination, but I was wrong VERY wrong. We continued to play video games when I heard a deep voice calling from the basement "NOOOOOOOOOOOO." I dismissed the sound due to my overactive imagination and continued to play (Nothing was on in the basement, Jeans Nan hates A.C.) A few minutes later I heard the same deep voice coming from the basement. My friend Jean had paused the game and put down her controller and said "Hayley did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" I asked making sure she wasn't trying to trick me.

Jean then looked me right in the eye and said "A deep voice calling from the basement saying NOOOOOOO."

My mouth dropped to the floor I didn't know what to say I nodded in acknowledgment to what she told me and we turned off the game and ran outside to the park.

We had finally gained the courage to back inside the house, however we decided to stay as far away from the basement as possible to we went upstairs to her room to listen to music. Jean and I listened to music for about an hour when we decided to turn it off and head downstairs, for a late lunch (The radio was defiantly off!) Before we left the room the radio turned itself on it played this creepy organ music and within a few seconds went to a Jennifer Lopez song (That didn't have an intro like that) Jean dashed over to the radio leaving me staring in disbelief while she unhooked the radio. She grabbed my arm and we made a mad dash downstairs to tell her Nan, but she told us that we were being silly little girls letting our imagination run wild on us. Needless to say Jean left the radio out of her room.

A few years passed (it was the summer we were 14.) and Jean moved to a new house a little ways away, not too far it was still in walking distance. She moved because her grandfather had passed away and the house was full of painful memories. I called Jean on her cell phone the night she moved into her new to see how things were going. ( Phones were hooked up yet).

Boy did Jean have news for me. She told me the second she stepped into the house; she sensed an overwhelming presence of evil. Jean also told me she went into the basement ( Without turning the lights on her hands were to full.) to put some boxes away, when she headed for the stairs, there was a giant green orb in front of the stairs. Jean screamed and her parents came downstairs to find nothing.

There were a lot of little weird things about her house like: Her room always being cold, the sound of cupboards opening, an overwhelming heavy feeling as soon as you come in the house (Only way I know how to describe It.) and her mirror. When you looked into her mirror it was almost like it wasn't your own reflection, it was like it was someone else.

The encounter that made me a true believer was when I was waiting for Jean outside in the hall for her to change. (Stairs in this house lead right in front of her parents' room; her brother and Nan's room as to the left of the master bedroom and Jeans Bathroom and bedroom are to the right.) I was looking over the banister when I had this feeling of someone watching me from the master bedroom. When I looked at the door to her parents' room, there stood a large dark figure the size of the door it was looking at me, and then all of sudden it looked past me and looked very scared and dashed off. At that point I was yelling for Jean.

As the months passed, Jean would wake up in the middle of the night to find her bedroom door creaking open, and she would she either an old man wondering through the halls or a little girl hanging off her door. (I NEVER slept over.)

Our last experience in her house before she moved away (we are still good friends) was the winter when we were 15. It was our first year of high school and we felt like being a little rebellious so we skipped school, by calling ourselves in sick, from the parking lot of the school. The plan was a total success; we trudged all the way to Jeans house in knee deep snow. No one was home at Jean's house because her parents worked, her brother was at school and her Nan had moved back to her place of origin.

When we arrived at her house we felt more unwelcome then usual. However we just ignored it and watched a movie and ate some junk food. Two hours had passed and the feeling still didn't leave you might even say it intensified, it seemed whatever it was wasn't happy, with what we were doing or it just wanted to scare us, because all of sudden we could her voices coming from the upstairs three or four of them chattering away nosily, Jean and I went up stairs to find nothing and to hear nothing. On arrival back downstairs the voices started up again, this time they were more defined but we still couldn't understand them, this went on for about 20 minutes until we both heard a whisper of a woman's voice, Jean said she heard a man's voice saying "Hayley, Jean why did you come here?" That was enough for us we were out of there like a bat out of hell, we NEVER skipped again.

There are many more things that I have experienced in my city but they will have to wait for another time.

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