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Ghosts or Guardian Angels?

Katya, USA
May 2000

This story concerns a dear friend of mine.I am not sure if it involves ghosts or guardian angels or...

My friend "Lily"is 25 years old and she has had a very difficult life. She witnessed her mother's murder at the age of 4, and from the age of six on, she was abused by her father she has 4 older half-brothers, none of which were around much when she was growing up.

About six months ago Lily started having some health problems, as well as the fact that her father was in town and causing her much grief. Eventually, she had to go into the hospital due to these problems. Her condition has deteriorated to the point that she has been "coded" several times. Now the eerie thing is that over the past several months one of her brothers committed suicide, another was killed in a hit and run accident, and a third died just a week ago (no one has told Lily about this last death because of her condition). About the time that this last brother passed away, Lily started asking how he was, saying that she had this"feeling" that he was not well.

During the times that She was being "coded" and the times when she was so ill that they thought she would just fade away, Lily reported visits from her mother, and two of her deceased brothers. Well, needles to say that made the hair on my neck stand up. After her last episode, Lily was revived and told us that she knew her brother "David" had passed away. This was the brother that noone has told her about. When asked why she said this, Lily replied that he had come to see her..that he just stood there looking at her. While these "visits" make all of those who hear about them nervous, Lily takes a great deal of comfort from them as well as gaining strength. She particularly feels better when her mother is with her. I don't know if these "visits" are actually occurring, but I know something is happening. If it helps Lily regain her health then I am happy for it.

I hope you gain something from this story - I have.

Katya, USA
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