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Girl of My Dreams

Glen Edwards, New York, USA
February 1999

Although I now reside in New York, this story takes place in two countries actually. Believe me as i recount this experience, I am covered in goose bumps. But on with the story.

I was a soldier, stationed in Baumholder, West Germany in 1990. As a joke myself, and a few of my friends started playing with a Ouija board.

I seemed to "Contact", the spirit of a young woman named Kay. Great fun, she did not like my friends because they were "Yankees". She told me she had been killed by Union soldiers during the civil war. When I asked how she said, " When they burned Atlanta." Being from Alabama, I did not take this lightly. She revealed that she had known me in a past time, and she would see me again. I asked her how this was possible?. She began talking through the board.

The first thing she spelled was "Luxembourg". In less than two weeks, I was to take part in the annual celebration of the liberation of Luxembourgh.The next thing she said was, "Ettlebrok". This was the town we march through. Next she said "Nancy, Mother needs.." So far everything was so close it was getting scary, but this made no sense. Then she said "Red hair, green eyes". So I jokingly told her "See ya there."

Two weeks later I was sent advance party, along with my best friend Steve,who used the board with me, to Luxembourg.As we were exploring the city, we rounded a corner, and stopped in our tracks. There in front of us, in Ettlebrok, was a clothing store. Its name was Nancy's. To its left, Nancy Jrs. A store for baby clothing, furniture, guess you could say, everything a "Mother Needs." I was getting spooked, but Steve wanted to go in. So, not to look like a chicken, I went.

We entered the store, and looked around. It appeared to be empty. As we were turning to go, a voice said,"May I help you.". I turned back around to see a beautiful, young lady with fiery red hair to her waist, and the most mesmerizing green eyes I have ever seen. Me being a young, hard charging, Infantry soldier, looked at my buddy, looked at her, and politely said, "No Mam". I then left the store at a high rate of speed (Fancy military term for ran.)

Should I have talked to her, maybe?. But there was to much there that the Ouija board had talked about. Needless to say after that, I have looked at Ouija boards with respect, instead of a joke.

Glen Edwards, New York, USA
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