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Girlfriend's Dark Doppelgänger

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
May 2015

This event occurred about 20 years ago in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote. I was moving from the friend stage to the girlfriend stage with what was to become my girlfriend who owned the house in Northcote.

The house was off a main road in a small street, was old and of a style common to houses of that era. It was a weatherboard home, very narrow and long. The front door led down a hallway to a dining area with three bedrooms doors on the left as you walked down to the lounge dining area, with a small galley kitchen at the back. The toilet was outside.

I had spent the evening with my girlfriend to be, we watched tv together and the end of the night came, she offered me the lounge to sleep on which I gratefully accepted. The lounge was actually the last bedroom on the left of the hallway and had the back wall removed to create extra space, it had become the new lounge.

I settled down on the couch and began to drift of to sleep when I decided to go to the toilet out the back. I got up and walked through the dining room area and to my right was the dining table. The room was illuminated by a light left on in the hall so I could easily see and walked straight across the dining room to the back door and outside. On my return I simply walked back in and proceeded to walk across the dining area to the lounge. I'd walked about three paces and noticed a figure sitting at the dining room table. l saw it with my peripheral vision but even then picked up it was dead still. I hadn't turned my head to actually look at it fully and was still walking across the dining area. I was approximately four meters away from it when I turned and looked straight at it. It was what appeared to be a replica of my girlfriend sitting at the table, a doppelganger, in utter and complete silence, absolutely still but not rigid. I knew even though it was in the form of her it was not her, but something else. In the split seconds I gazed upon it before reacting in terror I could not make out any facial features because it was lit from behind by the hallway light that was left on. But then what you could see of it was pure, solid darkness. I sensed it wasn't human or of the world I lived in and had no idea what it was or why it was there. A phantom from another dimension.

Because I was still walking forward I had drawn up level with it though my natural momentum was carrying me along. It was too late to retreat or maybe it wasn't but I panicked and propelled myself past it into the lounge room. I ran to the old side door that led onto the hall way and tried to open it to escape the thing in the dining room but it wouldn't open. I was at this stage petrified and was clawing and scratching at the door like a terrified animal. I think it was the most frightened I'd ever been in my life.

Not being able to get through the door I ran back out of the lounge and out of my mind with terror past the spot where the doppelganger (if that's what it was) had been sitting. l didn't see it, wasn't looking and was simply scrambling horrified out of the area and down the hallway.

I got to the top of the hallway and ran into the top bedroom, my girlfriends room. Once inside I told her what had happened and she skeptical. It was completely dark in the room and I couldn't see her. A man's voice then said (there was no man in the room but me) "get into bed". I did. After this we became a couple. She was reading Tarot cards and so was I. Maybe this was the cause of the appearance of the doppelganger and the man's voice which came from the direction of the bed. I don't know if it was to do with messing around with the Occult. If I had been unable to escape the room with something like that in it I would have gone mad with fear. l never saw the thing again after that. l don't have anything to do with the Occult anymore.

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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