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Girlfriend's Haunted Farmhouse

Tom, Cape Town, South Africa
May 2015

My story isn’t some sort of ‘oh my word, I would wet my pants’ ghost story. Just an experience that I don’t think can be explained...and is maybe a little bit creepy.

My girlfriend’s family lives on a farm in KZN, while most of the year we live in CT. When I just started dating her, she went back to the farm for a month for her college vacation while I was still at varsity.

One evening, I decided to call her (since I was missing her), and about 5 minutes into our conversation, I heard a woman’s voice ask her on her side "who are you talking to?"

The voice was very clear, and clearly a woman’s, so I assumed it was her mom or something. I finished the line of conversation, and then asked her; "So who’s sitting by you?" and she said "No one. I’m home alone in and sitting on the couch in the lounge, why?" I then told her about the voice I heard, and she got quite freaked out and told me not to mess with her. I told her I wasn’t, and it freaked her out so badly, I wasn’t allowed to call her when she was alone in the house anymore.

A few months later, I went with her to the farm to visit her parents. She had to sleep in her room, and I in a different room. But, every night, without fail, she would wake up in the night saying something was touching her feet and arms and she couldn’t sleep.

To make the story a bit shorter; when we were packing to leave, I was in one room, and she was packing in her room. I heard I woman’s voice call my name, twice, from her room, so I went to her room and asked what she wanted. She said she never called me, and we were the only two people in the house. On an isolated farm...

Lastly, she and I went away to a beach town for the day over the weekend, and after dinner, we started talking about the ghost stories we knew, and we moved on to the topic of what happened to us in the house. This was when she decided to tell me that she recently found out what who the previous owner of the farm house was.

It turned out that the house had previously belonged to the old farm manager and his mother, and his mother had died in that house, in my girlfriends room.

She also told me that when her 3 year old nephew visits her aunt and parents in the house, he keeps talking to someone. When his sister asked him who he was talking to, he just says "The lady".

Coincidentally, her aunt says she can’t sleep in my girlfriend’s bedroom because something always touches her, and she will wake up to something whispering in her ear.

And while we’re talking about people who can’t sleep in her room, her brother in law and sister also will not sleep in the room. When he sleeps in the room, he claims that there is always a tapping on the window, but when he gets up, there’s nothing there. And one evening, he even saw a creepy face in the window at night when he woke up to violent tapping.

To quote Forrest Gump, ‘and that’s all I have to say about that.’

Tom, Cape Town, South Africa
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