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Good Ghost

Kellie, NM, USA
March 2005

When I was ten years old my parents bought a Laundromat and Dry Cleaners. It is a huge building with lots of machines and dryers and extra space. We also have candy, drink, and toy machines as well as two video games. One is an old arcade game from the 70s and the other is a driving game.

When I was 17 I started opening at 5:00 every Saturday and Sunday morning. It was always dark when I went into work and honestly I was always a little scared to go into work. No other business around us was open so we were an easy target to get robbed, and depending on the morning many times we wouldn't get customers until 6 or 7. Plus to top it off I would have to walk across the dark parking lot to the back door so I could get in and turn off the alarm. Even when I turned on all the lights in the building because they reflected off the windows I couldn't see anything outside unless I was standing right next to the window.

So I was already uneasy going into work those mornings.

One morning when I was pulling in to the parking lot I looked in the building (all the lights were off) and I thought I saw a man standing inside the building. When I parked, I didn't get out of my car right away. I didn't know whether I should call the cops or not. I finally convinced myself that I was just letting my imagination run wild because there was no way that anybody could get into the building without the alarm going off.

When I walked in the building nothing seemed out of the ordinary so I just blew it off and went about my work. The next day when I went in early, I heard the racing game. When no one is playing the game there is a different music then when somebody is playing it. When I looked at it the steering wheel was moving but I didn't see anything. I finally blew it off and again went about my work.

Throughout the next two months weird things started happening.
Dryers would turn off or turn on by themselves, the cash register would open randomly and the video game would always be playing when I opened in the morning. Things would always make odd noises and I also started seeing an old man regularly whenever I pulled into the parking lot. I figured there was three of them, the older man in his 60s and a young boy and a young girl.

I eventually got use to everything that was happening.

About six months after I started opening when I was doing my rounds and making sure everything got cleaned the night before and I saw the little girl. I was looking out the window into the parking lot and I saw her reflection in the windows. She was around 6 or 7 years old with very long hair and was in a pretty white dress. I almost had a heart attack when I saw her. I spun around so fast that I lost my balance and fell to the floor.

After that day though I started seeing her a lot more often. She never tried talking to me or anything like that. She was just always around. I got so used to the noises and the games getting played that if I opened and I didn't hear noises I got nervous.

One day after I worked a 12 hour night shift I came home and just crawled right into bed. I woke up around 1:15 that morning and when I opened my eyes my dog was on my bed (she always sleeps on my floor) and I looked towards my desk and saw the little girl sitting on the corner of my desk. This time I freaked out even worse and I screamed and almost fell out of bed. When I looked again she wasn't there. For the next few nights I would wake up and my dog would be on my bed and she would be sitting on my desk. Again I finally got used to it, and so did my dog. Whenever I would wake up I would always see my dog in the corner and all my stuffed animals would be moved in the morning.

I started to feel like she was a protector to me and I felt like I was her protector too in a way. I felt like I was always safe in my room at night even if I was home alone.

In August when I left for college I felt guilty for leaving her there, and I was kind of hoping that she would once again fallow me to college. However, she didn't and I wasn't sure that when I went back home for the first time that she was going to be there or not.

The first night back home I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw her next to my dog petting him. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

This past time when I went home my mom made a comment to me about how all my stuffed animals are always getting moved around my room. I just smiled and laughed.

This is just my reminder to everybody that not all ghosts are bad?.. sometimes they just want somebody to play with.

Kellie, NM, USA
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