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Goodbye Mate

Nathan, WA, Australia
August 2002

This story is true and it changed my views on the supernatural entirely.

My best friend died close to my 16th birthday, he was in a coma for 12 days and I didn't even know it. I was busy with school and because we didn't go to the same school, seeing each other all the time wasn't possible. He died on a Wednesday and still, I didn't know until later because I saw him on Thursday......

I woke up crying on the Wednesday, I didn't know why I woke up in tears, but I did, I got a day off school because my mother felt some sort of sympathy for me. I was ok by Thursday and decided I'd rather go to school then stay home, so off I went to endure 6 or so hours of school.

I catch the train home and once I got to my stop I noticed my best friend sitting on a rock just outside of the train station in the car park, he looked very normal and I didn't notice a thing wrong, until I spoke to him....I asked him how he was, and he just gave me a one word answer, then I asked him what he had been up to and he just looked at me oddly. I was kind of confused and while I had been talking to my friend, I didn't notice that my ride (Brothers Girlfriend) had been in the car right next to where we were sitting, so once I realized she was, I just said goodbye to him, and he said it back with a half smile.

On the way home I wondered if I had done anything wrong to make him seem distant.

My mum was reading the newspaper and told me about this 15 year old boy who had died in a car accident in my suburb and saying how young people can be foolish. I felt sorry for the boy and his parents, but I didn't take much notice of it after that.

Saturday came and I had just got off the phone to my girlfriend when the other phone rang, I got up and went to get it but my father beat me too it, he picked it up and after about 2 minutes he starting saying things like "He Died?" then he started talking about road accidents and I thought my best friends dog had been hit by a car by the way the conversation was going. My mother came into the room and asked what was going on, and calmly my father said "Its Petes mum, Peter died" my whole world just crashed around me...I looked at my mother and she started crying and I followed suit after realizing the best friend I ever had was gone.

The funeral was a week later, and throughout the week I got different stories on how it happened, and he was the 15 year old boy who died in my suburb. After finding out he died on the Wednesday, I still didn't notice that I saw him on the Thursday until after the funeral.

My brothers girlfriend picked us up at the train station and asked which friend Peter was as she hadn't met a lot of my friends. I showed her a picture then asked her if she remembered the person I was sitting next to on the rock that time when she was picking me up? She said she didn't see anybody and thought I was talking to myself....

My mate was the most considerate person in the world, and it was proven when he came back for me to say goodbye.

Nathan, WA, Australia
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