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Goodnight Ghost

New Zealand
February 2001

This story to me is far from scary. Granted, I have had a lot of experiences and finally seem to be getting used to them, I still find this story rather sweet, but at the same time sad.

Only two weeks ago I was staying in the house of my Sister and her husband. They had gone on holiday for their first anniversary and had asked me and my boyfriend to house sit for them. They had only been living in the house for about six months, but I didn't know anything about the previous owners when we moved in for that week.

Anyway, my boyfriend had been keeping me awake with his snoring, and as I had to work everyday I banished him to the spare room each night. On one particular night he had gone through to the spare room and I was settling down with the light off. Out of the blue, I heard a young male voice say "good night" in a friendly manner. My first thought was my boyfriend had come back into the room, but when I sat up and turned the light on the door was still closed. My second thought (this may sound strange) was that it was my Guardian Angel. I have got into the habit, after reading a book on the subject, of thanking my Guardian Angel every night before I go to sleep for watching over me that day.
This was my conclusion, and when my Sister returned from her holiday, I told her how my Guardian Angel had visited me while I was at her house. She then asked me if this had happened in their bedroom. I nodded, and she then went on to tell me that she had often awoken in the night to a strong presence in the room, not scary though, just loving. Following this she explained to me that the previous owners had been a young gay couple in their mid-thirties. One of the couple had been suffering from Cancer in the house while his partner nursed him through it. He sadly died while they were still living there and his partner very reluctantly put the house on the market. Apparently he had hoped the house would stay on the market as long as possible, as there were so many memories he didn't want to leave behind.

I believe now that it was the spirit of the young man that died, that came to say good night. I think this is so sweet and I wish I'd known at the time it was him so I could return his good wishes. I believe that his spirit still lingers because there was so much love in that house when he finally passed away.

New Zealand
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