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Got The Chills!

South Australia
March 2002

I was 11 yrs old when I came to stay at my uncle Patrick's rented house in Paralowie, South Australia. Both my sister and brother and I. It was my younger sisters birthday coming, she would be 10. The first night I stayed in that house, I felt somebody following my every move, I felt chills all through me, it felt like pairs of eyes were watching me. I slept in a small room with my brother and sister right next to the room, where supposedly the previous tenant had suicided. I believe, I felt a kind of creepy air of misery and sadness in this place. I couldn't sleep that night, the room was awfully cold, and I felt something brush past me, I even broke out in small sweats, Eventually I tired out and fell asleep.

The next day, my sisters birthday, I felt a terrible gut feeling something wasn't quite right this day, and that's how the events unfolded.

We Went up to Parabanks Shopping Vicinity, I felt an urge to stay in my parents car, more so then going in, but I decided "hey why not it's my sisters birthday!".

First my uncle sister and I went to a nearby newsagent at Parabanks, where a lovely lady served us. My uncle took some photocopies of baby pictures of his nieces and nephews for a family video. He was one of her many regular customers. My mother and father and brother decided to shop at Coles, My sister and Uncle and I went into K-mart. Here my uncle helped my sis choose her birthday gift while I asked if I could go a few isles over and check some things out I liked the look of. It was near closing time, we were the only people left in K-mart, except a checkout lady further up. Suddenly in the emptiness of isles, of which I were in, a tall, scruffy, eerie tall man with a mass of curly dark black hair and piercing eyes, opened up his arms into a wide outstretch. He looked unstable as he started to come after me, I was very freaked out and why shouldn't I be this was a strange thing for him to do? I ran around the isles, lost him, came to the checkout lady. I froze unable to speak, nervous and scared out of my wits.

I finally found my Uncle in the maze of empty isles, he could tell by the look in my eyes I was scared, he soon got me out of there and we went back to the car. He then said outright "we really do have some freaks in the world!".

That night on the news, it was apparent that the lovely lady from the newsagent at Parabanks was stabbed multiple times. She was a loving wife and mother of 3. The suspect described was of the same guy who came after me, and this description was seen earlier banging on public bus transport shelter looking confused.

I don't know if my chilling feeling was a warning of protection that day, but when I went back to that house, I still felt the same chills that went through me the first time and I slept on the couch that night.

South Australia
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