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Piper, NSW, Australia
July 2010

On the 25 February 2007 my eleven year old sister died, I was fourteen then. A cancer of the bone had taken over her body and my sister was no longer able to live. Grace died in the accompany of her immediate family.

Although my sister is gone I know that she is not too far away from me. I can hear her walking around at night, when the rest of my family sleeps. I find her clothes on my bedroom floor. Old toys and trinkets that we used to play with when we were little appear in my school locker. I am not scared for me but only for her, it began like this.

Three and a half years after Grace's death I was used to finding her stuff around the place and communicating with her in some form. If I ever had trouble with finding something I would reach out to her and ask where a certain item was and shortly after I would find it. I enjoyed having her company around me and to never be alone but I always wished for more. I wished that I could see her in the flesh again.

The day was coming to an end. All the birds had gone back into their trees and now the bats were coming out. My Mum and Dad were going out to a work function that night and now me being an only child was left at home alone.

From memory it was around 9:30 pm when I heard footsteps coming from upstairs, I walk up the stairs and towards my room to check it out. None of the bedroom doors in our house have locks on them and as hard as I tried to open my door, I didn't have the strength to win against that unearthly force.

I went back downstairs knowing that it was Grace playing a trick on me. Ten minutes later extremely loud banging noises began. I went back up the stairs and finally I was able to open my bedroom door. To my shock and disbelief I saw a foggy version of the back of my sister sitting on my bed. Even though I could not see her face I could tell that she was sad and miserable. It pained me to hear her sobbing and crying. Grace had scratches and cut on her hands and feet. I closed my eyes and said out loud "Grace you are dead now."

All I remember from there was waking up on the ground in my bedroom, I figured I must of fainted. Ever since that night I haven't heard from my sister since. It's been pleasantly quite around here.

Piper, NSW, Australia
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