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Danielle, Maine, USA
April 2002

Every spring my front door to my house would open by its self and when it did my dad would say "Looks like gram- Pappy decided to visit" and then he'd shut the door. My house rests right down the road from my Grampa's and a trail even connects our yards together. Two old dumps sit right next to the trail (one on each side). One day I asked my Dad about it and this is what he told me...

My great grandparents tried to make a house (where one of the dumps sat now) but They couldn't finish. My great grampa had made the basic frame and started the roof (having to protect their belongings) when a storm came up making them take shelter in the house next door. It was the worst storm they had all year and when it was over their "house" had been destroyed by a lightning bolt frying the rest of their stuff with it (that explains the dump). After that they gave up and moved into a barn (which they had with the last house)in the lower field. Gram-Pappy died of natural causes and his sprit still floats around that whole area.

Yes, he still opens the front door in spring. Yes, this story may have been boring. Yes, this story is 100% true.

Danielle, Maine, USA
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