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Gran Likes to Visit and Save Lives

Melanie, Northern Ireland
March 2003

My Gran died in September 95 from cancer, I was just 11 and her favourite from 19 Grandchildren. My only childhood memories are ones where she appeared. I remember right before she died she told me she'd come back and visit me as a little girl and that I wouldn't recognise her.

One day I was working in my local supermarket - I worked in the Coffee shop department. I hadn't worked there long, a few months maybe and I had been getting a lot of hassle that day from my supervisor. It was really busy and I was dying to go the toilet, and of course she wouldn't let me go until the queue died down a bit. Half an hour later she finally let me go, I was almost running because the staff toilets were a long journey up 2 flights of stairs, on my way I met a little girl who was crying for her 'Mummy', she was about 3 maybe 4 yrs old and she was obviously lost.

I took her hand and headed for Customer services to tell them, I then heard the little girl say : There's my Mummy there, she was pointing toward the front entrance of the store, so I hurried, trying not to miss the woman. We got outside the store, I looked around, couldn't see anybody. She pointed at a lady heading towards a dark green car, so I shouted over to her, she didn't hear me. I told the little girl to come quick as we hurried over to the woman. Just as I did, about 2 seconds thereafter a loud explosion ripped through our supermarket. I fell to the ground with the force almost knocking myself out. I was covered in glass, I heard the little girl crying, I went to grab her - SHE WAS GONE! I searched the car park in a panic, I didn't know what had just happened. I still couldn't find the little girl, I was crying and blood was dripping off my face.

I still didn't know what had happened, about 3 ambulances arrived shortly after, firemen were there and I heard people cry 'It was a bomb'. The supermarket was really busy that day, over 118 people were killed. It was a terrorist group that planted the bomb and it was left beside a freezer which caused the bomb to detonate almost immediately. The terrorists who left it were killed too.

I know that little girl was my Gran, she had said she'd be back when I needed her most and that day I certainly did.

Another experience I had earlier this year happened when I was visiting my Aunt in hospital who had just given birth to my baby cousin Luc (The only Grandson to carry on my Gran's second name). I lifted him out of his crib and was about to get comfortable on my aunts bed when I felt someone push past me with a gust of wind. I spun around thinking it was just one of the other kids running about and going mad, not watching where they were going. I was about to shout 'Watch where ur going', No-one was there. I told my Uncle, he said maybe it's ur Gran visiting the baby. It freaked me out a little bit. But not as much as the day I experienced that bomb blast. That will live with me forever.

I believe in life after death now alright.

Melanie, Northern Ireland
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