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Katie, Ohio, USA
May 1999

Iguarantee this story will sound far fetched, as others that have heard it seem to think it is.

To the truest of my mother's word, it is so.

To get the full story, we have to go back in time a bit. My grandmother (my mom's mother) had a medical condition caused by alcoholism at the young age of 40. By June 12 1969 at 12:10am she died in a hospital with my mother by her side holding her hand.

On June 4, my mother just turned 21, feeling very confused and eager to get out of the house that she and her mother shared, she quickly married my father in July of 1969. Soon after their marriage they moved into a tailor on my great-grandfathers property (great-grandpa was my mother's grandpa). Not long after moving into their new home strange event's started to happen.

Being the housewife that she became, she did all of the shopping for groceries while my father was at work, on her return home from shopping one day, she entered as she had done before and immediately started putting away her goods. When she finished, she went to sit on the sofa to have a cigarette and rest. In front of her was a coffee table made of a glass top and metal legs, at each end of the table were glass ash trays and in the middle was a flower arrangement. Upon sitting down for her rest, mother saw that the ashtrays had been smashed like someone or something had taken their hand and just pressed down on them until they broke! It was not as if they had been broken somewhere else and then the remaining pieces put back where the ashtray originally came from.The ashtray was shattered right where it was sitting because all of the glass clear down to the tiniest fragment was right there along with the bigger pieces. Another thing that was unexplainable was the glass top to the coffee table in which the ashtray was broken didn't have a scratch on it. Both of the ashtrays were smashed exactly the same way and were in the same condition.

On another occasion in July my mother and father were watching TV in their bedroom late at night before going to sleep, they decided they were tired and my father got up to turn the TV off, when he got back into bed the TV turned back on. My father, being the man that he is, thought that maybe he didn't turn the knob over far enough, as he got out of bed to turn it off again, it turned itself off. It continued to turn on and off by itself, until finally my father grew tired of hopping in and out of bed and decided to pull the plug on it. Whilst reaching down to unplug the TV he found it was never plugged in.

The next day the TV was thrown away.

On a very hot breezeless day in late July, my mother was sitting at her kitchen table. Directly to the right of my mother were two windows with the table arranged right under them and against the wall .On these windows were dainty little kitchen curtains which were almost see through and a very faint yellow in color. As my mother was sitting there, she was thinking of the weird things that were happening in the house. Mind you there was no breeze and it was extremely hot. As my mother sat pondering her situation the curtain as if guided by someone's hand, was pulled out to where it was hiding my mothers face. The curtain was still hanging on the rod on the wall, just the material part had come out like someone was moving it to where they could see outside. At this point my mother was frightened so bad that she stood up and yelled "IF THATS YOU MOTHER, PLEASE STOP, YOUR SCARING ME TO DEATH!!!" at that point the curtain retained to its normal position and nothing more happened in that old tailor.

My mother to this day believes it was grandma looking over her. All of the above incidences are true and all happened within a month after grandma's passing.

Katie, Ohio, USA
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