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Grandma's Back

October 2006

I actually have three stories to tell about the house that I currently live in.

First, when I was about nine years old, my Grandma passed away in the house that I now live in. I do not remember if it was the day after she passed away or a few days later, but no matter when it was, the thing that I experienced was still quite frightening.
It was winter time when my Grandma passed away and there was still a lot of snow on the ground. I decided that I was going to go outside and sled for a little while to get my mind off from things. There is a small, steep hill by the road that was made bigger by the snow plow pushing the snow off from the road earlier that day.
For some reason, I decided that this was the hill that I wanted to sled down.
I had gone down the hill a couple of times and I was getting ready to go down again when for some reason I looked at one of the basement windows in our new house. In one of the windows, I could see someone standing there watching me. Thinking that it was my mother, I waved. When whoever it was did not wave back, I knew that it was not my mother. I looked better at the figure in the window and I noticed that this woman had white hair and a light pink sweater that stood out against the red curtains that were in the windows in the basement. By this time, I was unsure of what to do. Should I just stay outside and wait to see what happens or should I go inside where this person was? Finally, I decided that I was still going to slide down the hill on last time before I went inside since I was already at the top.
Once I was at the bottom, I looked once more into the basement window and I could still see that person standing there. I went inside where my mother and sister were sitting in the living room upstairs. I refused to go downstairs though, so I took off my winter things as soon as I came in the door. Usually, I take them downstairs and place them near the stove in order to dry, but not this time. Later on, I told my mother about what I had seen and she said that it sounded a lot like my Grandma who had passed away just the few days before.
Another story from this house actually came from my ex-boyfriend.
We were sleeping on the floor in the living room one night. I did not hear his story until the next day, but it still gave me the creeps.
He told me that he woke up in the middle of the night and could see a woman standing in the doorway to the kitchen. She was in a long nightgown and had a cup of tea in her hand, stirring it slowly. After he saw this he went back to sleep thinking that it was my mother. The next day after telling me this story, we asked my mother about it and she said that she had not been up until that morning. My ex then explained to my mother what he had seen and she told us that my Grandma used to stand there mornings when she was alive while she drank her tea, which I did not know until that day.
We believe that she might have been there, because she did not like the idea of us sleeping on the floor together, because she never believed in sleeping in the same bed until you were married.
My final story takes place in the dining room. I was playing cards with my Grandma that is still living, my Grandpa, who is her husband, and my parents. As we were sitting there playing, I heard the floor creak beside me. As I looked down, I could see the faint sight of tennis shoe moving as if someone was walking. I told everyone what I had just seen and they told me that my Grandpa, the one who was the married to my Grandma who died in the house, usually wore white tennis shoes. I was really young when he had died, so I did not know this up to that point.
I have never found out why I have seen these two things or why my ex has seen my Grandma. Even though I have seen these things, I am not afraid in my house, because my grandparents were lovely people. The only things that scare me are the facts that I did not expect to see them after their deaths and that I do not know whether or not other things will begin to show themselves in this house in the future.

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