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Grandma's Ghost (2)

Kanchala, Colombo, Sri Lanka
May 2010

November, 2006 this was an unforgettable and terrible month to remember. After long weeks of suffering my grandma died of old age. This had us all trembling and eyes filled with tears. I was about eleven years old when she died. Days passed by and it rained continuously for weeks, making it seem like the sky was weeping.

One cloudy day just about a week after the death of my grandma, I walked upstairs into the television room deciding to go to bed soon. But just before going to bed I called to her thinking my grandma was listening to every word I said. I don't know what my reason was to call her but at that moment I missed her so much I couldn't bear it. "Hey Aachchi." I used the Sri-Lankan word for grandma and called out. And of course didn't expect her to reply so continued to speak. "Hey Aachchi," I called out once again. "Please meet me downstairs at mid-night." I have absolutely no clue why I said that. I didn't expect to see her again, however I did.

Just a few short weeks later I arrived at my cousin's place where I planned to stay over. Hours passed and nothing unusual happened but I guess I spoke too soon as later that day I did see my grandma and it scared me for life.

The moment I finished eating dinner I walked up the stairs while my twin cousins stood there talking to my twin sisters. I didn't bother to interrupt the conversation they were having together. So walking up the stairs I found myself getting a bad feeling like I was being watched, so I started humming to myself and tried, unsuccessfully to get rid of the chill that ran down my spine. I was then upstairs and started walking towards the television room and suddenly stopped walking as soon as I saw her.

There standing just near the television stood my grandma! She was smiling sweetly at me while I stood there shocked, with my mouth flapping like a fish and my eyes wide open. I identified her the moment I saw her. Her white hair was tied in a bun as usual, she was also wearing a white sari that had flower-like patterns sewn on it. Well the particular thing that shocked me and scared me for life was her skin! Her skin was as black as coal, which definitely wasn't her usual skin tone colour.

I blinked several times thinking I was imagining the whole thing but my dead grandma remained silent while she stood there looking straight at me. I blinked again and then she was gone! Soon I realised that it had been her ghost so I let out a piercing scream and started running downstairs screaming my lungs out!

I never did believe in ghosts but this was not just some ghost I saw, it was definitely and truly my grandma and from that day onwards, I started to believe that ghosts do exist.

Kanchala, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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