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Grandma's Ghost at Christmas

Angel Kim, North Brabant, Netherlands
September 2001

Iam now 16 years old. This story happened last year at Christmas time (so I was 15 at the time).

This is the information you need to understand my story:

I live in Holland, this is not a country where ghosts and UFO's are taken seriously. so I will begin my story...

It was the first day of Christmas and I went upstairs to get my presents I had bought for my friends and family. When I arrived in my room I had a weird feeling of being watched. At the time I didn't gave it a lot of attention and I continued back down again. My Mother was kind of sad at this time because the first day of Christmas is also the anniversary of when she had taken her Mother (My Grandmother) to hospital where she later died.

That evening went well and I eventually went to bed late at night. I still had the weird feeling being watched, but I went to my bed and went to sleep.

A few hours later around 4.00am, I woke up but didn't open my eyes..I just listened..what I heard was a woman crying. I was frozen in fear as I had heard that cry was my Grandmothers! I then opened my eyes and what I saw scared the life out of me!

There on my bed was my Grandmother! I looked at her and asked her why she was crying? She just looked at me and reached out and said "you are so pretty, I wish I had seen you grow up", then she disappeared. It was very terrifying when it happened but after the incident it felt really peaceful.

This is not a scary story but it is something worth telling. So I did!

Angel Kim, North Brabant, Netherlands
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