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Grandma's House (1)

Shannon, Ohio, USA
January 2000

My grandparents had the same house for at least thirty years. Although I have not personally experienced anything in the house, most of my family has. It is their stories that I want to tell you.

About a year after my grandparents moved into their house, strange things began to happen. They were all the regular haunting things that happen. Shadows in the hall, things disappearing and reappearing, noises in the night and someone coming up the stairs from the basement. One noise that occurred regularly was a loud scraping in the basement that sounded like someone dragging the trash can across the basement. My grandma got used to seeing a man just outside her vision.

After most of her children moved out my uncle Tony committed suicide in a car across town. A few years later his spirit made itself known through my little twin cousins. They were staying in his old bedroom when he appeared to them screaming to get out of his room. The next morning the twins (they were only 3 at the time) saw his picture in the living room. They cried out, "Thats the man we saw! Thats the bad man that yelled at us!" My grandma nearly fainted.

A few years later my grandpa died of a heart attack on the back porch of the house. After his funeral, my grandma would hear his voice all of the time. She would be in the kitchen and hear him call from the living room. "Come here Ann, come look at this." He would say. When grandma went to the living room no one would be there but the room would be colder than the rest of the house. The radio in the kitchen that he used to sit beside all of the time would turn on and off by itself and the door to the porch would open and close by itself.

One time my cousin Andrew was sleeping on the couch when he woke up suddenly for no reason. When he opened his eyes grandpa was standing looking at him from the middle of the room. Andrew would never again sleep in that house.

My grandma has moved to Florida now but I bet the new owners have had a few unexplained things happen. I don't know why so many spirits are stuck in that old house but I know they are there.

Shannon, Ohio, USA
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