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Grandma's House (2)

Lauren and Alisia, CA, USA
December 2006

It was about a month after our grandpa "Paw Paw" passed away when we started experiencing paranormal activity.
Both me and my cousin Alisia remember it as if it were yesterday.

It was Friday, May 23 2002 and Alisia's mom took my grandma "MeMe" to the hair salon. Since my grandma couldn't get around her house very well, every week Alisia and I would clean her house. After Alisia was finished cleaning the kitchen and I was done vacuuming, we both went into the back room to dust. My grandparents had 8 grandchildren so we decided to put pictures in order of age. My grandpa was known for saying "No No" instead of just plain old "No!" so when I accidentally dropped a picture of our cousin Tommy, I heard a faint voice saying "No No". Both me and Alisia turned to each other and said at the same time, "did you just hear that?" We then turned around and saw paw paw standing in the doorway shaking his head as if disappointed, then slowly faded away. We just stood in the same spot for about 2 minutes in disbelief of what had just happened. Then suddenly we heard a knock at the door and my dog "Foxy" started barking at the doorway where we had seen Paw Paw. When Alisia opened the door to see who was there she was surprised to see that on the porch railing was the exact wooden nickel that was buried with my grandpa. She brought it into the house and placed it onto the kitchen table. We sat down and were very confused at how the nickel had gotten there. Foxy ran into the back room where we were rearranging the pictures and sat in front of the bookshelf and just started barking like some one was there. Both me and Alisia ran into the room to find that the pictures we had just moved were back to how they originally were.

Lauren and Alisia, CA, USA
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