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Grandma's Love

Donna, Texas, USA
June 1999

It was the night before my birthday last year and I was sitting in my bed thinking about my grandmother. I was very close to her. She died about 19 years ago. I miss her a lot and wish that I could talk to her or just know that she is looking out for me. I wished she could see my children. She would be so happy. I started to cry and talking out loud to her. Telling her that I loved her and missed her very much. I wanted to know if everything was going to be okay in my life and if she was there. My mom said my grandmother had come to her in dreams to tell her things about relatives who were sick or people she needed to get in touch with. But my grandmother never contacted me. So I went to sleep and about 5:00 am I woke up to a strong smell. At first it smelled like something was in the oven cooking. Bread or toast or something. I got up and walked around the house. My husband works nights so I thought he may have come home early and was making a snack. But he wasn't home. I turned on the lights in the kitchen and opened the oven and the smell wasn't in there. I walked through the house again and the smell was coming from my bedroom. I looked at the bed and my son was wrapped in a blanket. A blanket I didn't put on him. I sat on the bed and looked around and the smell was stronger. I tried to think of what the smell was. What it reminded me of. It was the smell of my grandmother's kitchen. She used to bake cookies and cakes for us all the time and that was the smell. I almost forgot how sweet that smell was and how good it make me feel. It was my grandmother. She came to visit me on my birthday and to let me know that she is there watching over me and she wanted to see my youngest child and must have covered him. I went back to sleep and even though I only slept for a few more hours it was the most peaceful sleep I'd had in months. When I woke up a few hours late the smell was gone. Her visit was brief but something I will never forget. I called my mother to tell her what happened and she said "Grandma wouldn't forget your birthday." My grandmother's love will be with my forever.

Donna, Texas, USA
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