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Grandma's Story

Kat, NC, USA
February 2008

This story takes place in a little farm house in Dallas North Carolina, USA.
This is kind of a messed up story and may disturb some but I swear it really happened.

Before I was born my grandpa and grandma (my dad's folks) lived in the house I grew up in. This is back before my parents got together and even thought about me.
My grandfather was a very heavy drinker. According to my father he drank more than he slept.
One day when my dad and all 4 of his brothers were gone my grandfather (obviously drunk) went to argue with my grandmother (about what I don't know). This argument escalated and my grandfather ended up shooting my grandmother in the head. My father knew nothing until he came home and was told that his mother committed suicide. How my grandfather got away with this I will never know. But now the creepy stuff.

When my father got married my grandfather gave him the house he lived in and my dad bought him a trailer and sat it a stones throw away from our house. So my grandfather lived next to me since I can remember. When I was 7 my mom had my little sister Katie. Katie was a premature baby (a whole 2lbs) and had a lot of problems when she was born.

When we finally got to bring her home she slept in the bedroom with me on account that my dad was a truck driver and slept weird hours. So mom put Katie with me so I could take care of her when she was crying and not wake up dad.

A lot of nights I was left by myself so mom could go out and of course dad was at work. That was when I started hearing and seeing things I will never forget.

When you came in the house the living room was the first thing you saw then you go down a long hallway to my bedroom but you could see the doorway to my bedroom from the couch in the living room. Katie would wake up at least 3 times an hour needed to be rocked back to sleep. The day all this happened I had been playing around outside all day and was really tired. Mom said she had somewhere to go so I sat on the couch and watched tv resting but listening for Katie.

I was almost asleep when Katie started crying. I didn't feel like getting up so I just let her cry for a couple minutes. When she didn't stop I told myself I better get up and when I did, I heard something that scared me to death.

I heard a patting sound..kind of like someone is patting you on the back to calm you down. I didn't move for at least 30 seconds. Then I heard humming. Knowing mom wasn't back yet, because I would have seen her come in, I went to find out who was making that noise. When I went to the bedroom Katie was sound asleep with a smile on her face. Thinking I'm dreaming I go lay back down on the couch and knock off. I woke up about an hour later to Katie crying and again I hear the patting and humming noise. I was afraid to get up so I just lay there. Then I saw her. I have never met my grandmother before so I didn't know how tall she was or what her build was like or anything. So this woman standing in the doorway to my bedroom holding my baby sister kinda freaked me out. To think back now I have no idea why I didn't scream or anything but I just sat up on the couch and just looked at her.

Besides my mother, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. And there she was just standing there with my baby sister in her arms rocking her back and forth. I went up to her and asked her who she was. She didn't say anything just smiled, turned around and put Katie back in her crib. I never saw her again but when I was 10 me and some of my cousins would wait till mom left and watch scary movies we shouldn't have watched at that age that would scare us to death. I remember having nightmare after nightmare over those stupid monster movies. Every once in a while I would feel her pat me on the back and I could hear her humming something when I awoke from a bad dream. Not alarmed at all because I knew who it was, I would just lay there and let her put me back to sleep.

When I was 14 my grandfather died of a blocked artery in his leg from an old war wound. We moved up state after that so dad could get closer to work. I haven't been back to that house since we left. I've driven by it a couple times but never went inside. The house was never sold because I guess my dad doesn't want to get rid of it. So it just sits there. But I bet if you went inside that house today you would hear her humming or see her walking around.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Sorry it was so long but I wanted to make you feel like you were there and felt the same things I felt. The way some of these writers make me feel when I read these stories. I would also love to hear from other people who have had this experience or especially if you have ever drove past my little farm house on South Old 321 in Dallas North Carolina, USA.

Kat, NC, USA
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