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Grandma's Wishes?

Niharika Sinha, India
October 2015

Ihave always been fascinated by the paranormal. Since childhood I have wondered, how would it feel to face the ghostly activities yourself. Just thinking about it excited me every time. But this positive anticipation was broken after this particular incident happened to me.

It was the Winter of 2007. I was then in my final year of graduation in Jaipur (India). Well just a month before, my grandmother had passed away. I had always been really close to her having spent most of my childhood under the blanket of her love and blessings. My father was the youngest of her 5 children so she had a certain more affection for us.

Now coming back to the plot, I used to live with my cousin who was then pursuing her Masters in a girls PG and we shared a common room. I used to love our room. It was a tiny one, about 10 feet by 10 feet (only!) the size of a kitchen as it was built just above the actual kitchen on the first floor. Well in India, we spend more space in terms of Living rooms and bedrooms rather than in kitchen. The best part was, it gave the two of us ample amount of privacy and we used to enjoy the same with lots of gossips and other fun stuff between sisters.

At the time of this incident, My cousin was through with her exams and had shifted to Bangalore to pursue her end semester training and dissertation project. I had also decided to shift downstairs in another room with two other girls who were good friends of mine as I didn't wish to remain in a single seater. I was lazy in terms of packing my stuff as I still had a week to the start of January and of course because it was just one story difference I Had to cover. Like every day I had dinner with my would be roommates and then at around 11 PM I retired to my room bidding good night to my friends as I was tired after the day's work of attending college plus packing my stuff.

Somewhere during middle of the night I woke up abruptly, I still don't know to this date what was the reason behind it, and found myself absolutely drenched in sweat. Now the end of December cold in northern part of India isn't something that may make you sweat in a blanket! I was confused as to why this happened and also was too sleepy to think about it, when suddenly out of nowhere I felt someone piling upon blankets on top me (not one but many) and I struggled to remove them raising my right hand but as the more I tried, the force and weight of whatever that was intensified. In the corner of my mind I could hear voices telling me "Don't remove the blankets, these are blessings of your grandmother" repeatedly and I could feel myself struggling to breathe and break free of the force and weight of that "thing" all throughout wondering why in the world would my grandma give me such irritable blessings! And then maybe I applied my full strength or the force lessened, the next thing I knew was that I was wide awake, completely wet from sweat and sitting panting on my bed as if I had run some 100 meter sprint in 10 seconds. I was well aware of the pain in my right arm and knew that whatever happened was for real and I hadn't dreamt any bit of it. Not long after I drifted off to sleep once more chanting Hanuman chalisa (Lord Hanuman is the God of Strength in Hindu mythology) to keep my mind fearless.

Next morning, I woke up and wondered about the past night's occurrences and almost shrugged them off as a dream when I realized the pain in my right arm once more, which was pretty much the same as I had felt during my spooky stint. I was freaked out now and immediately called up my Mum and narrated the whole incident to her. She first insisted on it being a dream but after sensing my restlessness and fear she asked me to immediately shift my belongings to my new room and vacate this one.

Without any question I obeyed her and by afternoon that day I was all settled in my new room, chattering about my thrilling experience of last night with my new roommates!

Niharika Sinha, India
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