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Grandma and Jimmy

Mike Huffman, PA, USA
August 2002

These are three experiences one of which my family and I encountered, and the other happened to a far off cousin. I will tell of the experiences my family encountered.

My grandmother passed away in May of this year and she was a wonderful person and she was loved by everybody. A couple days after she passed away we started having experiences that we thought were caused by her which was a comforting feeling.

One event was when my baby sister lost one of her toys and we couldn't find it I was lazy and didn't feel like looking but my parents spent a lot of time looking for it. They couldn't find it and then mysteriously the next day it was laying right on the kitchen counter. Everyone swore that no one put it there we think that was caused by my Grandma.

Not long after something else happened that involved my baby sister, (by the way I am twelve and she is turning two). Well, anyways she wanted to go outside on the porch really bad and we didn't want her out, she isn't old enough to open that door yet it has a challenging knob. About three minutes later we couldn't find her it was just me and my mom there because my dad was at work, we searched the entire house and absolutely couldn't find her and we then looked outside on the porch and there she was. The door was open too and like I said it was even locked so she couldn't have opened it. WE think my grandma did that.

The last experience with my grandma was the fact she always loved birds that was one of her favorite things. For about a week after her death there was always a beautiful Robin knocking at our window and it was a comforting thing. We feel that she just had to stay around for awhile and let everyone know she was ok and then she finally went up to heaven.

This experience was of my far off cousin, Bill. He lives pretty close to us now but he used to live in Duquesne which is a part of Pittsburgh.

He had a cousin named Jimmy, he wasn't related to us though you know how that goes. Jimmy, was an alcoholic and was trying to break off of it and he was doing pretty good, he relied on Bill a lot because he was one of the only people who except him. Jimmy always wore a denim jacket and a red hat. Bill was working at the steel mills at the time and when he was at work once Jimmy went to a party with some friends and they gave a lot of alcohol. Jimmy got really trashed apparently and he was in a totally different state from what people who were at the party said. That same night he shot himself in the head. Bill and everyone else was of course devastated. When Bill and his wife moved up here where he is now this was at least fifteen years after Jimmy's death. He was over talking to his neighbor and it was dark out. He looked out the window of his neighbors and saw a man walk up his backyard and he had a red cap and a denim jacket on. He just thought it was weird that there was some guy in his backyard. And it was winter by the way. He walked over to his yard and looked for tracks in the snow and couldn't find any. He then went inside and asked his wife Marcy if she had saw this guy and she said "no". He then described what he saw and she automatically said "Jimmy".

That was the only time he has seen Jimmy since his death. I hoped you enjoyed reading about my experiences.

Mike Huffman, PA, USA
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