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Grandma and the Ouija Board

Anonymous, PA, USA
October 2009

This is a story my mom told me about her mother's experience.

First I'll tell you the layout of the house. It's a two story house, the garage is right below the main part of the house with a guest room connected on one end of the garage. The only way to get to the main part of the house is a long stairway up the side of the house.

Until I turned 5, I lived near the house, so I was learning to count by the time I moved. So naturally, I counted the stairs. There were 30 steps. going in to the house, you would have the dining room on the left and the living room on the right. Going straight you have the bathroom, on the right is the kitchen and on the left is my grandmas room.

When my aunt (my mom's older sister) was in junior high, she and her friend brought a Ouija board into the house without telling my grandma. They took the Ouija board into my aunt's room while my grandma was out of the house so they wouldn't get caught. When they were finished asking all the standard questions (and getting completely freaked out) they hid it on the refrigerator hoping her mom wouldn't find it. My aunt just wanted it out of her room.

A few months later after it was forgotten by all that it was there, my grandma found it when she was cleaning and rearranging the kitchen. She was so furious with my aunt but couldn't punish her at the time because my aunt was at school. So she took the Ouija board downstairs to the trash, putting the planchette in one can and the board in another to keep them separated. When she got back upstairs and back to her cleaning above the fridge, she found the Ouija board and the planchette right on top where she had taken it from.

Somehow, it had beaten her up a flight of stairs to the kitchen again. Passing it off as confusion, she again took it downstairs to the trash repeating the process. Again, when she got upstairs, it was in the same spot. She knew she had taken it downstairs, but it was there. She repeated it again and again until she decided to take a hammer to the planchette. She cracked it into two pieces and put it in the different cans again. When she got upstairs, it wasn't up there.

My grandmother and my aunt both learned a valuable lesson that night. My aunt learned never to bring a Ouija board into her life ever again, while my grandma learned how to get rid of it in case any of her other three kids followed in the eldest's example. To this day, my own mom won't even let me touch one.

Let it be known that when you are being haunted by a Ouija board, you have to break the planchette in order to keep it from coming back.

Anonymous, PA, USA
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