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Grandma Came to our House

Missouri, USA
September 1999

It all started when I was very little. My father and my great grandma were very close, you might say dad was her "favorite". We used to go over to her house every Sunday for a visit. Grandma would give my brother and I one Hershey bar to split between the two of us. She always said that candy was too expensive and that's why we had to share. When I was about 9 years old she passed away. That was the first funeral I can remember going to.

Late that night I was awaken by this really cold feeling in my room. I actually remember thinking that our heating was off because it was in the late fall/early winter months so we started using the heat again. Anyway, as I lay there freezing I noticed at the bottom of my bed there was some sort of mist that seemed to be coming together in some sort of form. It scared me half to death even though I somehow thought it could be Grandma. I told it to stop and that I was getting scared and it went away. I never told my parents, because in the morning I wasn't really sure if it happened or if I had dreamed it the night before.

Years had passed and my family and I were all looking through some old pictures reminiscing about old times. That's when I new what I had seen years before had really happened. My dad proceeded to tell us that on the night of Grandma's funeral he and my mom had seen the very same mist and felt the very same chill. Mom said she just put the covers over her head and my dad said he just knew it was grandma but he told her "not now I can't do this" and it went away. He also said a few nights after that he was downstairs doing laundry and it happened again. This time he told her that he knew she was in a better place and he thought it would be best if she wouldn't come back because it was too hard on him. After that we never saw her again.

Missouri, USA
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