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Grandma Came To Visit

Monica, KY, USA
July 2001

This story is not scary but 100% true.

Not long ago my Grandma (Grandmother)whom I was very close to passed away. This was very hard because my Grandpa (Papa) is still living. It made it hard because we knew he had to live by himself and do everything alone. Now imagine someone very close to you dying after you had been together non-stop for 61 years!

My Papa said that one night when he was laying in bed asleep, he had the sudden urge to just make sure he wasn't just having an awful dream, so he put his hand where my Grandmother would lay on the bed. Strangely it felt warm and this startled my Papa so he grabbed his hand away. Not in fear but in curiosity. Then he lay his head back down and thought about it. Suddenly he felt a warm hand touch his. He wasn't startled because he had a feeling it was my Grandmother. Then he wanted to see if the bed was still warm on her side but as he put his hand on the other side it was once again cool. He thought about it and came to a solution, He decided that my Grandmother was just telling him that everything was going to be fine without her and that she would always be there with him wherever he went. After that he always feels safe and knows that My Grandmother came to visit.

Monica, KY, USA
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