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Grandma Is Watching Over Me

Maricris, Philippines
February 2005

Far from all, I was very close with my grandma, way too close than my own mother. Even though I was just 9 years old when she died, golden memories with her helped me cope up with the lost.

When I was 12 years old a freshman, my parents allowed me to go out and party with fellow classmates and friends. One summer night I asked permission to my parents that I would be comming home late for the night because I have to practice with a classmate of mine for a singing contest where both are contestants. They said I should be home by 10 in the evening. I promised to them that I will be home by 9 in the evening, an hour earlier. This is what happen that night...

Our house is located in a busy street. It was a two story old house. The ground floor was occupied by our Chinese tenants and we occupy the second flood. We have two wide stair cases, one located in front of the house facing the street and the other one was at the back of the house which we usually use. When you climb up the stairs at the back entrance , you will see the dirty kitchen and the dinning table for the maids and the restroom. The first room from the left is the maids quarters and the next room is my grandmother's bedroom. Just outside her room is the main dinning room with a very huge last supper portrait hanging on the wall which divides the dinning and my grandma's room. Walking straight from the dinning room is the living room where the front staircase leads. Just next to the front staircase is my room and next is the master's bedroom. Incidentally, out old house is made of wood that was not painted but it was varnished.

I then got home around 1 in the early hour of the morning when all were quiet. I used the back stairway where I have an extra keys. But when I was on my way to the stairway, I notice a glow at the window of my grandmother. I thought it was just the moon glaring through the window pane. I dismissed the glow. When I started to walk towards my grandmother's room, I noticed that the door that was always close is half way open. Slowly I walk through the hallway where I can see the whole bedroom and the adjacent dinning room. Inside her bedroom, I saw someone staring out the window like waiting for someone to arrive. I was walking still when I realized that it might be my long dead grandma. So, I decided to step backwards to check again. And lo! It was her! She was staring outside the window but after a few seconds maybe she turn her back on me and sat on her racking chair where she faded. I was trembling but still composed. I wasn't able to move for a moment but when I did, I went straight to my parents room where I tried to sleep but to no avail. Until morning came, my mom was surprised to see me sleeping on the floor of her room. I then told her about my experienced with my beloved grandma.

I know she just want to make sure that I'm okay. Thanks to her comforting memories from this life and beyond.

Maricris, Philippines
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