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Grandma Still Watches Us

Aubs, PA, USA
February 2005

Through out my entire life, I have always been highly sensitive to the paranormal/supernatural realm. As a child, I had an "imaginary friend" that I would play with. Growing up, I could sense and see things that my family couldn't, could guess who was calling on the phone, had premonitions in the forms of dreams. The story I am about to tell you is real.

Last year, my dearly and loving grandmother, Kathryn, died from horrible lung cancer. They gave her six months to live, however, she fought long enough to last at least 5 1/2. She was a fighter, stubborn to the very end. Her death was a sad one.

Since her funeral, some really strange stuff has happened.

First, while my parents and my aunt and uncle (two people I can't stand to think of because of what they did to her) were sitting upon Grandma's porch, three hummingbirds popped out of nowhere and just flittered about, checking out the four astounded people. A few minutes later, they disappeared. The odd thing about that was Grandma's favorite birds were hummingbirds (and owls, but we didn't see any of those around).

Second, I asked my sister to take a picture of me to use up the rest of the film I had in my 35mm camera. After developing, I noticed something in the corner just next to my head in the picture. There was a translucent orb, slightly larger than my head, right next to me. It looked like it was shimmering and kinda caught your eye (just like Grandma).

Finally, everyone in the house has heard Grandma speak to them one way or another. With me, she did this while I was in that half and half state (between asleep and awake). She called my name, clear as day, as if she were trying to get my attention. If I don't respond, I feel this cold rush of air come into my room (which is also the dining room).

Right now, my sister and I are in the process of taking pictures in the house and, possibly, purchasing a tape recorder to record EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). If anything good shows up, I'll pass it along.

Thanks for sharing my story.

Aubs, PA, USA
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