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Grandmas Shadow

Jenny Haux, Canada
July 1998

It was 2:00 am and the telephone rang. For five years my grandmother had been in and out of the hospital suffering from cancer of the stomach. In the last year she had gone downhill, her life becoming pale shadows of what she had once been. It was just after my 13th birthday, and all of (the family and physicians) knew she was going to go very soon to eternal rest. We were all understandably upset and stressed, but also relieved that soon her painful ordeal was about to end. My grandfather did not want the hospital to notify him, because he would get too upset. So my mother agreed. My father was away on a trip to England, so it was just my mother and I alone in the house. At 2:00 am the telephone rang, I immediately woke up and told my mother that it was the hospital phoning. I don't know how I knew it, I just did. Well sure enough it was the hospital saying that my grandmother had passed away. My mom dropped me off at the neighbors house while she went and viewed the body in hospital, then she went to grandfathers house to tell him. I in the meantime had trouble sleeping. I slept on the living room couch of my neighbors, and there upon their wall of their house I saw it. It was a shadow of my dead grandmother rocking in a rocking chair! There were no lights around, but sure enough it was my grandmothers form none the less. I tried to ignore it, but it stayed there till dawn the next day. I frequently visit next door and to this day I have never seen it again. I know in my heart what it was though.

Jenny Haux, Canada
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