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Grandmother's Rocking Chair

Margie Goodale, Illinnois, USA
September 1999

When we moved to Puerto Rico, we moved into my great grandmother's old house. She had lived in that house for 40 yrs and died in the house a year after I was born. In the town I lived in, many people were involved in voodoo and other paranormal stuff; which creeped me out but my father paid no mind to it.

One day after coming home from the store, a old woman stopped my father and told him that his grandmother's spirit was still in the house and so was another spirit; an evil spirit. Hearing this made me practically jump out of my skin but my father calmed me down by telling me that the woman was just crazy. Later that night, we were all sitting in the living room and in the corner of the room was my great grandmother's rocking chair: her favorite place to sit. All of a sudden all of us stared at the corner; the chair was moving back and forth by itself!!!

My other siblings and I got all frantic and ran to the bedroom. We all fell into a fitful sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up feeling really terrorized, so I went to get my mother, all of a sudden I saw two green eyes in the hallway. I started to scream, and my mom came to calm me down. As she was hugging me we heard a loud BOOM, then the house shook a little. After that a sense of calm came over me, and I fell asleep again. About two days later, the same lady that warned us about the evil spirit now told us that the only spirit in the house now was my great grandmothers. So every now and then we saw the rocking chair move back and forth by itself, and we knew that she was protecting us.

Margie Goodale, Illinnois, USA
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