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Grandmother's Tricks

Karen, Rhode Island, USA
December 2003

About six years ago my parents and I moved into my grandmother's house to help take care of her. She was in her 90's and failing.

My Grandmother's mind was also slowly getting worse and she had a habit of placing things in odd places. Like putting spoons in her night stand or toilet paper rolls behind the sofa. Odd things like that.

Maybe a month after she passed away, Still living in the house the occasional walking upstairs would rattle us a little. But a kind of cute incident did happen. My mom was into putting jigsaw puzzles together. She use a table in a back room in the cellar.

When she was almost finished with one we notice two pieces were missing. We both searched everywhere for then but could not find them. She began work on another puzzle. Now mind you my mother has vacuumed and polished the wooded railing that divided the room (a wood like frame with square carved designs) My mother my aunt and myself were back there chatting and helping her with this puzzle.

I looked down and saw two puzzle pieces sitting in one of the square cut outs. I said to my mom "see when your not careful" assuming the pieces were from the one she was working on I picked then up and handed then to her. They were not the pieces to the puzzle in front of her but to the one she put aside with the missing two pieces. Not much of a ghost story but I wouldn't put anything past my grandmother. Dead or alive!

Karen, Rhode Island, USA
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