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Grandpa's Comforting Words

Matthew Rhodes, OH, USA
February 2008

My Grandpa died when I was 6, in about October of 1995. He had been my very best friend for what time I knew him, and he treated me very well. After he died, I acted differently, and I couldn't feel happy at all for months. One night, a few months later, I just said: "Grandpa, I miss you a lot. I just wish I could have seen you one more time." I started to doze, but then, I felt like someone was watching me, and then, I heard a voice. I looked over at my door, and I saw a figure standing there. It drifted closer to me, but I wasn't afraid. It didn't seem like it had any mal intent at all. The only feeling I could sense was love.

It was my Grandpa.
He sat on my bed, and brushed my face with his hand, but drew back when his hand went through my skin. He had tears in his eyes. I finally was able to speak, and I asked him: "Grandpa, why are you crying?" And he said to me: "I'm crying because I can't hug you the way I used to. I feel helpless because I can't comfort you. I'm okay, though. Everything will be okay." I just lay there, on the verge of crying, and I knew I might not see him there again.

He did eventually disappear from my bedside. I then got up, and walked downstairs. I said: "Mom, Dad, Grandpa just talked to me. He said everything is going to be alright." My mom didn't believe me, but my dad took me back upstairs, and he told me: "Matt, he visited me, too. And he told me the exact same thing." I still miss my grandpa, and I haven't seen him since. I just wish I had more time with him. He was my hero. That is my only experience with the paranormal.

Matthew Rhodes, OH, USA
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