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Grandpa and Friend

Tricia, Ontario, Canada
December 1998

Acouple of years ago, friend Dannen and I were having a sleepover at my aunt's house, and we had had a fun filled day, with lots of swimming and at night settled down next to a bonfire with my aunt, grandma, mum, and dog. We began telling stories of my grandpa (who is the main spirit in this story) and Dannen told us about her also deceased father.

We then got bored and headed into the house and into the spare room, where we got into our pj's and got ready for bed. Dannen and I were about 10 or 11 years old when it happened. We were very into these little toys called baby animals that are just different animals that come in a package with candy and stickers. Anyways, to totally understand this story, I will take a moment to describe the room to you.

When you first walk in, straight ahead of you is an old dresser that holds many cloth napkins and table covers for parties, and the double bed right beside it in the far left hand corner. I the left hand corner closest to the door, is another dresser with a mirror on top. And beside to mirror dresser is a chair that is in between the mirror dresser and the door. Oh, yeah, and above the chair is a bouquet of fake roses that hang in a small cloth bag. I was sitting on the bed while Dannen stood at the bottom of the bed, in front of the mirror dresser, brushing her hair. When suddenly, the flowers hanging on the wall began to move, and turn 180 deg! Since I was playing with the toys, I didn't see it, until I began to ask her something and looked up to see her reflection. Her eyes were wide open in fear and her mouth was agape. She stood frozen as she continued to watch the flowers mysteriously turn around, without the help of an open window, or anything that could have been the explanation of it. I followed her frightening gaze over to the flowers to see them just suddenly stop. We then figured that we should go to bed, and maybe that would take our minds off of it. When we got into bed, we could still hear the faint sounds of voices and then a sudden wave of laughter coming from the brightly glowing bonfire from outside. My grandpa and Dannen's Dad were determined to get us to notice that they still exist, in spirit form, because they began making shadows on the walls and ceiling. When they knew that that didn't work, and that it just scared us, one of them decided to come out of the picture frame, show themself and then disappear into thin air. All I saw was a white/clear/see-through wavy dress, or gown, that floated out of the picture frame right above me and then float right into thin air.

So far, I have seen, touched and sort of "talked" to a spirit. The feeling of a spirit is different every time, to me. I have touched one maybe 2-3 times. I have held my hand up whenever I know a spirit is in the room (not everyone can know a spirit is in the room, it is a feeling you get, like there is some sort of presence in the room) and I suddenly feel this tingling feeling, like when your foot falls asleep, but 20 times more powerful, and sometimes it feels like pins and needles (after your foot falls asleep, and then when it's waking up it feels really tingly) and it kinda hurts. Ok, back to this. They did a whole lot of things to try to get our attention, but didn't know that they were actually freaking us out. As an excuse to leave the room, we went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, and we took it up into the room with us. About 5 minutes after we got back into bed, they realized that they could shake the bed. So, they did. Dannen and I turned to each other and asked if they were moving but we were both still. We were so freaked that we ran down to the bonfire and sat with my mum until they went to bed.

The next morning, I asked "If one, or both my grandpa and/or Dannen's dad were in here last night, make the water in our glasses ripple. If my grandpa was in here, make my water ripple and vise versa". And sure enough, both glasses rippled.

Tricia, Ontario, Canada
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